Kris Jenner’s Similarly Indecisive Like Kourtney Kardashian?

It seems that Kris Jenner is going back and forth on the decision wagon, herself. This is after she accused Kourtney Kardashian of the inability to decide.

It’s something how people can influence others’ decisions, right? Well, in this episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this seems to affect Kris Jenner’s initial thoughts of appointing Kourtney as the decisive authority in her will.

The thing is, while married, Jenner had Bruce in that position. However, during the show, Kris mentioned that she eliminated him as an option after they separated. Then after which, she placed Kourtney in that position. But get this, Jenner didn’t tell anyone about it.

Unfortunately for Kris, this matter came up during a procedural checklist. At that moment, in front of Bruce, Jenner was forced to answer. Immediately, she went into an explanation of why she made the switch and why he was no longer the authority.

However, Kris’ ex-husband wasn’t feeling it and voiced his opinion on Kourtney’s inability to make an appropriate decision. He states as follows.

“The problem I have with this, Kourtney with the final say, [is that] she’s not here. I’m the only one that’s here.”

Once sedated and awakened, Kris and her ex-husband checked out and went home. After arriving, he proceeded to tell Kim about the “good” news.

“You know what your mom did? She went out and made Kourtney the decision-maker, in case she went under and there was a problem…”

Immediately, Kim chimed in with her thoughts about Kris’ decision.

“That’s heavy stuff. Kourtney is the most indecisive person on the planet. She is really stubborn. She can’t ever make a decision. And she’s just not as smart as I thought she was, growing up. I truly think I’m the most level-headed.”

Then, after having made her decision and being sure-fire about it, Kris started being indecisive right after. During Jenner’s one-on-one camera time, she made similar statements about not being so sure anymore.

“The person that I choose for this responsibility has to be able to make a great judgment really fast. So, now, I’m thinking, ‘Kourtney might be the wrong choice’ because she’s going to be too indecisive.”

Was that not an indecisive turn? However, the ramifications of the decision are severe, even fatal. So, one can see Jenner’s point in her quick-witted recant, no?

What are your thoughts about Kris’ decisive indecisiveness? Do you think she’s too influenced by her household?

Feel free to share your “Kardashians” thoughts in the comments below.

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