Hannibal Buress Annihilates Heckler During Three Minute Rant, Labels Him A ‘Social Terrorist’

Hannibal Buress took it upon himself to severely reprimand and annihilate a heckler during his show in Wilmington, Delaware. But rather than making a quick quip and moving on, Buress produced a lengthy and hilarious tirade.

According to the YouTube account Hannibal Buress’ Comedy Camisado TV, the man on the receiving end of the comedian’s taunts was drunk. They then added that because “Hannibal is easily distracted” he “proceeded to destroy him.”

You can watch a clip of Hannibal Buress giving the individual a torrent of abuse below. However, you should be warned that it includes plenty of expletives and foul language, and those of you who are easily offended should proceed with caution.

Buress was clearly agitated by the unknown man’s attempt to either get his attention or just be a nuisance. After one of his jokes was interrupted, Buress turned to the man and declared, “Stop yelling, why can’t you hold your liquor?”

But then after a few seconds of consideration, he decided that he hoped the man was drunk and wasn’t just being a horrible person.

“I want to give you the excuse of being drunk and not just being a s***** obnoxious person,” he continued. “I hope you’re drunk, because I’ve done s*** when I was drunk, [just] not interrupt a show that 1,100 other people are watching.”

As the crowd responded enthusiastically to Buress’ comments, the comedian added, “When I’m drunk, I like to ruin one or two peoples’ nights. A cab driver, a bartender, a woman that I’m seeing. I don’t go into a big venue. I like to work on a small scale. You, sir, are a social terrorist.”

After labelling the heckler as a “social terrorist,” Buress decided to compare his victim’s need for attention with his own. And he painted a rather unflattering picture.

“You have a bigger need for attention than I do,” he declared. “At least I worked head and got on television, you’re just in the darkness. If you want attention you have to do what I did and work really hard for 13 years.”

Buress even tried to get psychological with hecklers in general, proclaiming, “I’m fascinated with hecklers… the psychology of it. When somebody’s like, ‘I want to pay money to see you, but also I’ll try to undermine you at any moment’.”

Whether he liked it or not, the heckler did get Buress’ attention, and it’s safe to assume that he got more than he bargained for too.

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