Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake Freak Out: Singers’ Reactions To Her iHeartRadio Award Goes Viral

Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake’s reaction to her winning for Best Lyrics at the 2015 iHeartRadio Awards has everyone talking. Their freak out has quickly gone viral on social networking sites like Twitter, and it has become one of the award show’s most talked about moments on the internet, according to The New York Daily News.

Swift jumped up, screamed and pointed over at Timberlake. She pretended that he was the one who won the award. Most viewers thought that Swift and Timberlake’s freak out was planned, as they shared the photos of the scene with their take of what was really happening.

One Twitter user shared the photo of the Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake freak out with the caption, “Justin Timberlake told Taylor Swift there is no open bar, and that John Mayer and Harry Styles are here.”

Most viewers on social media didn’t have kind words to say about the viral moment. Some thought that Taylor went too far and that her reaction was over-the-top. Taylor got most of the scrutiny and the blame for the freak out. Meanwhile, other fans were jealous that Taylor got to sit next to Justin Timberlake all night.

One user tweeted: “Am I jealous of Taylor for hanging out with Justin Timberlake or Justin for hanging out with Taylor Swift.” Another user tweeted something similar: “I’m so jealous of Taylor Swift’s friendship with Justin Timberlake.”

Of course, the Swift-Timberlake freak out didn’t go without it share of memes. One shared a photo of the two with the caption: “When you can’t find a link to see the #iHeartRadioMusicAwards.”


Taylor even poked fun at herself at the end of the night. She shared a photo of herself along with her iHeartRadio Music Award. Taylor captioned her photo: “Living proof that you can be the @iHeartRadio Music Awards Artist of the Year and also a super embarrassing person!” Maybe Taylor was able to catch some of the memes that went viral after her world famous freak out.

That’s not all Swift and Timberlake did that night. E! Online reported that the singer couldn’t stop dancing with him. They sat at a table with Ryan Seacrest, Snoop Dogg, Tom Ford and Hailee Steinfeld. Swift couldn’t stop dancing with Timberlake to Snoop Dogg’s “Peaches N Cream.” The singer tried her best to show off her sexy dancing moves. Bless her heart.


Hollywood Life reported that only a few people got up on their feet while Snoop performed. Taylor definitely stole the show as she danced for the rapper. Her awkward dancing made for another memorable moment at the 2015 iHeartRadio Awards.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Swift also performed with Madonna. The “Queen of Pop” performed her song “Ghosttown,” as Swift played on her guitar. She also wore a sexy black silk gown with lace knee-high stockings.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake’s freak out over her iHeartRadio Award win? Do you think it was over-the-top or funny?

[Images: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]

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