McDonald’s To Test All-Day Breakfast

McDonald’s will reportedly test an all-day breakfast menu in the coming months. Analyst Mark Kalinowski, with Janney Capital Markets, said it simply “makes sense” to include breakfast items on the regular menu.

Although McDonald’s was founded in 1948, breakfast options were not available until 20 years later. As reported by McDonald’s, the concept of fast-food breakfast was invented by franchisee Jim Delligatti — who also invented the Big Mac.

In 1970, Delligatti started opening his store three hours early to serve the breakfast crowd. Although the menu was limited, the franchisee managed to increase his sales by five percent. Delligatti’s success inspired Herb Peterson to purchase his own franchise, and develop a new breakfast item.

As McDonald’s found great success with sandwiches, Peterson focused on developing a breakfast sandwich. Although he wanted to create a portable version of Eggs Benedict, he replaced the Hollandaise sauce with cheese, and used a fried egg instead of poached.

The sandwich, which was later named the Egg McMuffin, soon became a popular menu item. As a result, company officials developed a full breakfast menu, including hotcakes, sausage, hash browns, and several different breakfast sandwiches. Currently, McDonald’s breakfast items account for 15 percent of company’s sales.

Mark Kalinowski said McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches have maintained their popularity over the last 40 years. However, they are only available before 10:30 a.m.

As reported by Business Insider, the analyst confirmed “the test is set to begin within the next month or two.” However, there may be an problem with logistics.

McDonald’s explains that a majority of their breakfast items are grilled. Unfortunately, their grills are simply too small to accommodate breakfast and lunch items at the same time.

Although the company does not currently offer an all-day breakfast menu, they do offer breakfast items on their After Midnight menu. The special menu includes “customers’ favorite breakfast and dinner menu options to mix and match to create Midnight Value Meals.”

McDonald’s has not conformed that they will be testing an all-day breakfast menu. Nor have their responded to the marketing firm’s report. However, Kalinowski said the changes are expected to occur soon.

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