‘Constantine’ Season 2: The Embattled NBC Show To Get Pitched For Its Second Season In April

The Constantine Season 2 drama saga continues, and now, the date for the renewal meeting has been moved up. For anyone who has been following the Constantine roller coaster, it has been a tumultuous ride thus far. NBC has had an on again, off again relationship with the character that culminated with Constantine losing its “back nine” option.

The NBC dark magic show trudged on and managed to garner better ratings than it started with. Constantine Season 1 ended on Friday, February 13. The embattled show was left to an uncertain future.

Then, as the Inquisitr reported, one of Constantine’s producers, Daniel Cerone, leaked to a fan the a more optimistic update.

“Constantine not Cancelled. We’ll pitch them our plans for 2nd season in May. Then they decide.”

Constantine fans were left in the waiting room, playing the waiting game, until May. However, according to Comicbookmovie, the answer might be coming sooner than expected. Another tweet from producer Daniel Cerone has surfaced, and the decision date has moved to April.

“End of April date has been set to pitch 2nd season ideas to NBC. Then they decide on a Season 2. #Constantine#SaveConstantine#Hellblazers”

No other information was made available, so Constantine fans are left with merely a new date to find out whether their show lives or dies. Certainly, Cerone made fans aware that there are ways to help bolster the show’s numbers for NBC executives.

These things included streaming episodes, on-demand, digital purchases, and any way that NBC can monitor the numbers. According to E! Online, you could also vote to save Constantine as part of their “Save one show 2015” annual polling.

As Hellblazer fans, Constantine fans, and the #SaveConstantine Twitter army are confined to waiting to see the fate of their show, a new Constantine comic is on the horizon. Constantine is heading back to his Hellblazer roots, and according to Bleeding Cool, the new series is called Constantine: The Hellblazer.

Like the NBC show, there are some differences. So far, the classic trench coat has been ditched, which probably has made many Hellblazer fans even more agitated than some of the minor deviations seen in the show. It will be showing up in June.

As fans wait for NBC, they will be considering whether to support the latest attempt to bring Constantine from the page to the small screen and decide if a new comic series is worth their hard-earned cash. It is important to understand that nothing stays the same. Constantine, the NBC TV series, is an amalgamation of Hellblazer and the Justice League Dark version.

For anyone watching the show, it is clear they are trying to bring in both sides for maximum fan appeal. It is hard to know what to make of the new Constantine comic, because it is not out yet.

Considering the fact that most TV series are lost and searching for their voice in the first season, two different versions and arcs of the same character are melding for maximum fan following, it seems the show deserves a chance to prove itself for a second season. Whether NBC agrees, well, that is a different story altogether.

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