KESH To Versace: ‘You Stole My Sh**t!’, Designer Will Sue Over T-Shirt Copy

Kesh will sue designer giant Versace for copying her design for American Apparel. Page Six is reporting now that Kesh was outraged and shocked when she saw what looked like her designs on big name celebs. More than that, it angers her that the designer tees are selling for a whopping $650 compared to her budget friendly prices.

Kesh, whose real name is Kesshia Kumari, grew up in London, where she developed and perfected her eye for pop culture. The Malaysian and Trinidadian designer began creating her customized designs at just 17 years old. Later, she began selling her unique designs on Myspace, where she enjoyed an impressive list of friends — including, Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West.

Many are disappointed and outraged that a big-name designer like Versace could be capable of such blatant disrespect of a young, up and coming designer and artist. Bullet Media states the following:

“There’s nothing newsworthy about a powerhouse brand stealing ideas from lesser known talent, but when it’s as blatant as what Versace’s done to LA-based artist KESH, such shameless mining is absolutely inexcusable.”

In retaliation, Kesh shot off a couple of angry tweets and Instagram posts, and she doesn’t mince words.

“this.hurts. $650.versace rip off. sold out in 3 sizes. what is this madness? from huge designer.”

“made this place from nothing. turned it into something. my AA collab was 4 u. affordable and a accessible. 4 the love.”

“at least make it better than the $30 original @versace_official. this looks like a first draft.”


And Kesh’s more than 19,000 Twitter followers and 84,000 Instagram followers agree.


“Good thing someone’s speaking up. That sh**t is a shame.”

“Straight jacked her sh**t!!!!”

Some say that Kesh should feel honored to have inspired Versace, and that the attention could thrust her brand into the spotlight even more.

“see it as something positive, you will get a lot of attention for this amd people will come to you and see more of your work!”

“this is gunna make ur career blossom even more.”

Others suggest that Versace should change up the design a bit and officially collaborate with Kesh so that it benefits everyone.

Now, Kesh and her reps want Versace to pay up because she will not stand for her idea being copied or duplicated in any way.

“Kesh is absolutely going to sue.()This collection was made from the original artwork from my first solo show,” Kesh said in a statement. “A show that took [more than] two years to develop.?.?. This is also my face.?.?. being sold for $600 more than the original. It’s unacceptable.”

American Apparel offers up a bevy a choices of Kesh’s designs. Some of the popular items include a zip hoodie, spandex dress, bit tee, sleeveless crop top, a jersey tank, unisex caps, and even mens underwear. The prices range from $35-$88.

So far there has been no comment or public statement from Versace.

[Photo Credit: Instagram, Twitter]

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