Germanwings Crash: Andreas Lubitz’s Girlfriend Pregnant With His Child

It has been alleged that Kathrin Goldbach, the girlfriend of Andreas Lubitz, is pregnant with his child.

German newspaper Bild, via the Mirror, have reported that Goldbach is pregnant with the child of Lubitz, who is believed to have crashed the Germanwings airplane on Tuesday that resulted in the deaths of 150 people.

Goldbach works as a teacher in Gesamtschule in Krefeld, which is just outside of Dusseldorf, and she’s thought to have told her students several weeks ago she was “going to be a mum.”

It’s also been widely reported that Goldbach planned on marrying Lubitz, even though there have been rumors that their relationship had be brought to an end several times over the last few years. In fact, it was also reported that Lubitz had been dating at least one other woman recently. It’s been reported that Lubitz had been conducting a five-month fling with a Germanwings stewardess, which saw the pair regularly meet up in hotels across Europe.

Goldbach and Lubitz originally met as teenagers, and they even worked together at Burger King in Montabaur, which is Lubitz’s hometown, too. Then, after he completed his pilot training, Lubitz and Goldbach moved into a flat together in Dusseldorf. However, she ultimately ended their relationship because of Lubitz’s constant need to be “in control.”

Lubitz is believed to have been behaving erratically over the last few weeks leading up to the tragedy. It’s been alleged that police found a “small mountain of pills” inside his flat, which indicates that he had been refusing to take his antidepressant medication.

Goldbach visited the site of the plane crash earlier this week. When she left Germany to travel to the Alps, she didn’t know that Lubitz had been responsible for the crash and the deaths of the other 149 people on board.

However, by the time she landed in France, she learned of his actions. Various reports have suggested that Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane because of his depression and the fact that he was suffering from problems with his vision, which could have ended his career as a pilot.

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