Obama Nearly Falls Down The Steps Of Air Force One [Video]

It was almost a scene reminiscent of the time that President Gerald Ford tripped down the stairs and was relentlessly roasted on shows like Saturday Night Live that mocked his clumsiness afterward. This time, it was President Barack Obama’s turn to nearly bite it as he jogged down the stairs of Air Force One, with perhaps a bit too much confidence and speed. As seen in the video below, Mr. Obama grabs onto the railing of the plane with both hands after nearly losing his footing, and recovers quite nicely without hitting the steps with his rear end.

The incident occurred after President Obama had returned to the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., after winding down a golf outing in Florida. That’s when Obama came barreling out of the plane’s door and, with quite the spring in his step, jogged down the stairs, according to the Guardian. Obama’s cool recovery video is making the rounds online.

The above version of the video showing President Obama’s near Air Force One fall from the Daily Mail has been altered to show Obama’s slip repeated in the video several times as he disembarks from Air Force One, like the never-ending “GIF” that keeps on giving.

When the president initially exits the plane, Mr. Obama can be seen giving his standard salute prior to taking off and attempting to jog down the stairs. After his recovery of catching himself with both hands, POTUS seems slightly embarrassed at his faux pas, but then quickly greets the military folks waiting for him and pats a guy on the back, smiling. One wonders if the president quips about his near fall to the man.

As reported by the Inquisitr, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama recently took separate flights to Los Angeles on the same day — however, no reports of either the Commander-in-Chief or FLOTUS falling off those planes emerged.

Back when President Gerald Ford tripped and fell down the steps of Air Force One, it set in motion a series of never-ending jokes about the man — even during an era when things didn’t go viral nearly as readily as they do in 2015. After that clumsy slip up, comedian Chevy Chase performed several Ford impressions of the “Klutz in Chief,” as it were, displaying Mr. Ford as a bumbling leader, according the New York Times. No doubt, President Obama is thankful that he didn’t actually take a literal tumble down the stairs.

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