‘Once Upon A Time’: A Closer Look At Our Favorite TV Show Villains From Season 4

At the end of the first half of Season 4, Once Upon a Time(which airs on ABC) introduced its new villains, and it was the most villains Once Upon a Time had included at the same time in any of its seasons. The new villains are Cruella De Ville (Victoria Smurfit), Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten), and Ursula the Sea Witch (Merrin Dungey). Although viewers had seen Maleficent in a few episodes, when the show told The Evil Queen Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) backstory, Maleficent hadn’t played a real part as a villain until now. Mr. Gold is in league with these three nasty ladies to find the author so the villains can have their happy ending. The Evil Queen Regina, now good, pretends to join them to find out if they’re up to no good and then stop them.

In last week’s episode, viewers watched the backstory for Ursula the Sea Witch, the International Business Times reported. Although it is unclear if Ursula and Ariel are related, since Ariel is the daughter of King Triton and Ursula is the daughter of Poseidon, viewers discovered that Ursula was once a mermaid. Poseidon was using Ursula’s voice to get revenge on humans for killing his wife. Ursula turned herself into an octopus when her deal with Hook went bad, and her father betrayed her by refusing to go through with his deal with Hook years ago. Hook and Ursula made peace, and Ursula revealed Mr. Gold’s (Robert Carlyle) plan.

Ursula returned to the sea with her father. Although this cut the number of villains down to four now that the Evil Queen has pretended to join forces with Cruella, Maleficent, and Gold, this still leaves four villains for the heroes to fight.

Cruella De Ville is the least complex of the characters presented so far in Once Upon a Time Season 4. She married well and lived a wealthy life. When Gold first reconnects with her, all of her possessions are being repossessed, and viewers briefly meet her husband, whom she promptly leaves to join Gold in his quest to get the villains a happy ending.

Maleficent presents a much more complex character. Up until now, viewers only saw her as one of the Evil Queen’s enemies, and an occasional character in the previous seasons. Maleficent not only has a long history with the Evil Queen, her enmity extends to Snow White and Prince Charming. Years ago, Snow White and Prince Charming betrayed her, and she lost her child. Now she wants revenge. Prince Charming and Snow White will fight to keep Emma, their daughter, from learning the truth about the deal they made to keep her from becoming evil. It included stealing Maleficent’s child.

When the Author in Once Upon a Time is revealed, will the villains get their happy ending? Which Once Upon a Time villain is your favorite?

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