James Bond Film Crew’s Drunken Rampage In Official 007 Jet Causes International Air Safety Alert

A crew of cameramen, technicians, and stunt men working on the latest James Bond movie caused an international air safety alert after they went on a drunken rampage in the official 007 jet mid-air. The company flying the private charter from Essex to Mexico City, Hi Fly, says that the crew destroyed the Airbus 330 and put everyone aboard the flight in serious danger. In fact, the company says the Bond crew’s belligerent behavior compromised the plane’s safety features and breached international aviation regulations.

The Daily Mail reports that producers of the film have confirmed that there is an investigation open into the matter involving the crew on the flight. The private charter company responsible for the flight reports that a number of safety regulations were violated by the drunken James Bond crew members, and that the plane looked like a “pack of wild animals” had lived on it after they left. The charges against the Bond crew were extensive and included issues such as vomiting in the plane aisles and smoking openly with no regard to the flight crew’s attempts to maintain order.

Hi Fly, the charter company, says that one of the safety violations could have resulted in a mid-air disaster. Here are a few of the items from the report that Hi Fly issued to the film production company Eon, who is working on the James Bond film.

  • Removed a safety pin from one of the aircraft’s doors – which experts say could have resulted in a mid-air disaster
  • Vomited and urinated in the aisles
  • Flouted the aircraft’s strict no-smoking ban
  • Verbally abused cabin crew and other passengers

Toluca airport workers in Mexico City where the plane landed noted the disgusting state of the plane upon its return. Workers say it looked like a “pack of wild animals” had gone through it, requiring the airline to bring in a cleaning specialist to put the plane back in order. The cleaning cost about $1,300 USD.

In all, Eon reports that approximately 150 Bond crew members were on the dreaded flight. The drunken antics of the crew left Eon in a sticky situation, with the airline not wanting to fly the members back to Britain. However, a resolution was met after the airlines says they would honor the return flight if no alcohol was served or consumed on the flight.

It was noted that members of the Bond crew have personally apologized to the staff members affected by their drunken behavior in an attempts to make amends.

[Image Credit: James Bond Spectre Movie]

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