Woman’s ‘Reality Check’ Abs Photo On Imgur Gets 1M Views, Showing Her Flat Stomach Looking Fat Sitting Down

There is a certain photo on the photo-sharing site called Imgur that has gained more than one million views in the four days since she uploaded the photo. The reason that the photo called “Reality Check” is going completely viral is because it shows a collage of four different photographs, all of them displaying different viewpoints of the woman’s abs. In two of the photos, the woman’s abs look pretty toned, as she stands and takes selfies in the mirror facing forward, with her navel looking slim and extended. However, in two other photos of the collage, the woman has taken her now-viral selfies in a seated position, and as such, extra fat from her abdomen spills over the top of her exercise pants, in between the space left open for all the world to see beneath her jog bra.

The “Reality Check” photo posted four days ago has received 1,030,599 views, says Imgur about the image uploaded by SomewhereUnderWater, a woman whose comments and updates after the photo went viral prove her surprise at the amazing response to the images.

“Wow. I am so very grateful that my message was received by so many in the way it was intended. I completely understand those who did not receive anything positive from it or who did not understand where I was coming from — you do not know me or my intentions. I wish you the very best and hope you find your own inspiration that will feed your heart in the way it needs.”

The photos show that even fit bodies may appear unfit in certain positions, reports New York’s PIX11 /WPIX-TV about the nameless user only known by her “SomewhereUnderWater” Imgur handle at this point in time. After the photos were posted online Wednesday, the series of powerful images caused viewers to react in a number of ways about the messages of body image that they conveyed.

“We aren’t Barbies. We are made of flesh and blood. These are all the same body — my body. I have worked hard for this body and I am proud of this body. In a world where we are surrounded by the images of our friends highlight reel sometimes it’s good to see a little reality so we can keep our expectations real. No matter where you are on your body’s journey, be proud and love yourself. Make goals because you love your body not because you hate it.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, Imgur is a photo-sharing site that also allows users to upload GIFs, the kind of photos that are like short videos.

[Image via Imgur]

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