Adopted Dog Reaction Viral: Dog Reacts To Learning He’s Adopted — See His Hilarious Facial Expression [Video]

Meet Oliver — the dog who has just learned that he’s “adopted.” Apparently, he had absolutely no clue, so his reaction to the shocking news is quite comical. The hilarious clip starts with Oliver sitting with his eyes closed.

Based on his body language, he looks like he’s a bit annoyed by his owner, but it’s quite clear he’s asleep sitting up. However, he appears to be indulging the owner as if trying to maintain his composure. As she continues to talk in an effort to gain his attention, he finally opens his eyes. Once she sees he’s paying attention, she tells him the shocking news that he’s adopted, reports RARE. He immediately becomes wide-eyed as if he understands what her announcement means! Then, the camera shuts off.

The 10-second clip was uploaded to YouTube on March 24. Now, the hilarious video has more than 100,000 views. Needless to say, many viewers are quite shocked about Oliver’s reaction because he seems to truly understand the meaning of his owner’s words. Most viewers have also cited how funny Oliver’s vivid personality and dry humor resemble that of a human being!

Based on statistics reported by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Oliver is very fortunate to have a loving owner. Approximately 7.6 million pets end up in shelters around the country each year. Of that 7.6 million, 3.9 million are dogs. Although 1.4 million are adopted, unfortunately, 1.2 million are still euthanized each year.

[Image via YouTube]