Ashlee Simpson Baby Bump: Growing Bump Doesn’t Stop Singer From Showing Off In A Bikini

Ashlee Simpson isn’t going to let her baby bump stop her from wearing a bikini.

The 30-year-old mother-to-be was spotted on vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico, this weekend, showing off her growing bump. Ashlee wore a two-piece bathing suit and looked quite happy, the Daily Mail noted.

“Ashlee was seen sashaying across a lush lawn to the pool in a flowing, dark floral dressing robe and floppy black hat, but later doffed the garment to work on her tan,” the report claimed. “The blonde ‘Pieces Of Me’ singer covered up her eyes with dark shades, but the smile revealed that she was in total bliss.”

While Ashlee Simpson showed off her baby bump, she also displayed plenty of affection for the man in her life, 26-year-old Evan Ross. The two were seen sitting poolside with a group of friends, and Evan shared some shots of their vacation with the world.

“#beautifulday #vacation looking at the ocean. #wonderfulworld,” Evan wrote on Instagram with one picture.

On another, which showed the view in Mexico, Ross wrote, “Good night to a beautiful day in paradise”

In addition to making a baby, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are also making music together. The couple have been hitting the recording booth, planning on making a new song.

Ross, the son of singing legend Diana Ross, recently described their collaboration.

“We did an amazing song together, and we’re trying to figure out what to do with it because I feel like it’s got its own feel to it. It’s called ‘Permission to Love’ and at first we were like ‘Oh, we should put it on the album,’ but I almost think it should have its own thing.”

Evan said there could be more collaborations in the future as well.

“We’re gonna keep making music together, you know? We love doing that. It would only make sense because we sing together all the time,” he explained.

Like a good husband, Evan Ross is quick to praise his wife’s musical abilities.

“It’s unbelievable how talented Ashlee is, and her writing is amazing. She just has such an ear, and I know she’s working on music now and she’s going to be deciding how she wants to put it out, but yeah, she’s incredible.”

While there is no word yet on when the new song could be released, Ashlee and Evan have only a few more weeks before they welcome their new baby. Pictures of Ashlee Simpson baring her baby bump can be seen here.

[Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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