Ramona Rizzo Returning To ‘Mob Wives’ Like Karen Gravano?

Will Mob Wives viewers see Ramona Rizzo make a dramatic return on the next season? Unfortunately for her fans, that doesn’t seem likely. On Sunday afternoon, Ramona replied to a fan who expressed hope that she’ll return to the series with a discouraging tweet.

Instead of saying that she’ll return to the show or is open to the idea, Ramona simply apologized to the fan for her absence.

Ramona was on the show’s second and third season. After it was revealed that she wasn’t coming back for the fourth season, she told the website 4UMF.com that the show wasn’t paying her enough to return. She also said that the cast members were being manipulated in order to cause drama for the show.

“I like to get paid, and they don’t want to pay. That’s one of the issues, yeah… I felt like I was lied to behind the scenes. I was told a lot of lies, and then when me and the girls got together, it wasn’t true…that’s one of the issues when we got together, that’s what we discovered.”

While Ramona Rizzo has stayed away from Mob Wives since the third season, her childhood friend, Karen Gravano, returned for the fifth season after staying away for the fourth season. Ramona and Karen are still close. The two even partied together about two weeks ago for Ramona’s birthday.

Carla Facciolo also returned for the show’s fifth season. Unlike Karen, Carla didn’t make a full return but appeared in a few episodes and the reunion show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Carla said in an interview in late February that she would probably make a full return for the sixth season if given the opportunity. She made it clear that she didn’t want to leave in the first place. She hinted at the pay issue.

“I probably would. I kind of miss being on the show. I got so used to being on it with the girls whether it was fighting or not, I think you get used to something. Honestly, I never wanted to leave the show. It’s just things didn’t work out cause we were all… just negotiating.”

Carla Facciolo also said that her dream cast for the sixth season of Mob Wives would include both Ramona Rizzo and Karen Gravano.

“Well it would have to be the main four of us because we started that show, we are the originals. That’s all you hear is, ‘We want the originals back on the show.’ And then they’ll [the fans] go, ‘Ok and Ang too,’ because everyone loves Ang. I would even bring back Ramona because she just fits in with our crew, because she grew up with everyone…Us together could make enough craziness going on, but it may be fun craziness going on this time. Maybe it won’t be so vicious, it won’t be so ‘ugh.'”

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