‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Title Fails To Impress ‘Walking Dead’ Fans

Fear the Walking Dead better have one great trailer. It looks like the companion series’ title is already turning off many fans of The Walking Dead, but perhaps a few strong visuals will tempt viewers enough that they’ll be able to look past its unimaginative name.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman announced the title of the companion series on Twitter.

This was probably the worst place to reveal the show’s name — Twitter users enjoy mocking almost everything, and they had a ton of fun poking fun at Fear the Walking Dead. One user’s tweet pointed out a very big problem with the title — it makes sound like it’s warning viewers to be afraid of the original Walking Dead TV series.

Other fans had an equally difficult time taking the title seriously. Some originally thought it was joke, some declared it the worst TV series title ever, and others came up with their own creative titles.

There’s no word on whether Chris Hardwick will star in a follow-up show titled Fear the Talking Dead, but viewers are supposed to get their first glimpse of Fear the Walking Dead during tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. According to Forbes, a trailer for the companion series will air after the season finale.

Fear the Walking Dead will debut sometime later this summer, and its first season will be just six episodes long. It is set at the beginning of the zombie virus outbreak, so viewers will get to see the gradual collapse of society. It also takes place in Los Angeles instead of Georgia, so the setting and characters will be much different.

Fear the Walking Dead centers on teacher Sean Cabrera (Cliff Curtis) and school guidance counselor Nancy Tompkins (Kim Dickens). As the Inquisitr previously reported, they’re both the parents of troubled teens dealing with problems that are almost as dark as the zombie apocalypse (they’re like pre-pudding Carol times ten). Robert Kirkman says that Fear the Walking Dead has six seconds in common with the original Walking Dead series, and there are currently no plans for any big crossover story arcs. However, Kirkman does plan on having the companion series catch up to the original time-wise.

Because fans are so skeptical of the title of Fear the Walking Dead, hopefully the show’s trailer has some substance. If it reveals too little about the upcoming companion series, viewers might simply choose to skip it.

The Walking Dead season finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Are you looking forward to seeing the Fear the Walking Dead trailer, or will you find it hard to care for a new group of survivors after getting so attached to Rick Grimes and the gang?

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