Teresa Giudice Broke? ‘RHONJ’ Star, Husband Have Fallen On Hard Financial Times

Is Teresa Giudice broke? According to Radar Online, the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star and her husband, Joe Giudice, have fallen on hard financial times. Since Teresa is in jail, she isn’t able to work, and sources say that Joe hasn’t been proactive in finding a way to support his family, leaving them in a tough spot.

“The family is broke and has absolutely no money coming in… and there is nothing in a savings or checking account. Joe still hasn’t gotten a job, and isn’t even looking,” shared a source.

Teresa Giudice was quite successful before she went to jail. Not only did she get paid by Bravo for her role on RHONJ, but she also had successful cookbooks, a line of Prosecco, a line of hair care products, and a couple of other things bringing her a steady income stream. After she and Joe were charged on several counts of federal fraud, Teresa was forced to discontinue some of these projects.

Since going to prison on January 5, the mother of four has been unable to contribute to the family’s income and that has been a blow. Sources say that Joe’s mom and Teresa’s parents have been helping out financially.

There are plenty of rumors about Teresa coming back stronger than ever. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Teresa is supposedly keeping a journal in jail, and she hopes to land a book deal that will make her a couple of quick millions when she’s out of prison in 2016. There is also some chatter about her reclaiming her spot on RHONJ.

“Teresa thinks she can land an advance from a publishing company. She has been keeping a meticulous journal about her experiences in prison,” shared a source.

Teresa Giudice’s marriage has also been in the news a lot, with rumors that things aren’t going too well between her and Joe. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there have been some claims that Teresa is going to divorce Joe when she gets out of prison. Some say that she wants to start fresh after she serves her time, and part of that includes getting rid of her husband. There has been some speculation about Teresa blaming Joe for getting her into the situation that she’s in, and that might be enough for her to move on from him.

Don’t forget that Joe Giudice will be spending over three years in prison once Teresa gets out. If their marriage is strained now, it’s probably not going to get any better in the coming months (or years).

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