Motörhead Doesn’t Want Fans To Pay $600 For ‘Early Years’ Box Set

Motörhead leader Lemmy Kilmister has a message for even the most diehard Motörhead fan, don’t run out and purchase the bands $600 box set.

Unlike many of his fellow aging rockers who are making bank by selling out arenas to fans who miss their favorite acts, Lemmy believes that the “Complete Early Years” boxset is a waste of money.

As Lemmy puts it on the band’s own website:

“Unfortunately greed once again rears its yapping head. I would advise against it even for the most rabid completists!”

Motörhead doesn’t control how its early songs are packaged and released because they didn’t secure the full rights to those early songs.

“Motörhead have no control over what’s done with these early songs, and don’t want fans to think that the band is involved in putting out such a costly box set,” the band said.

Motörhead instead urges fans of their music to buy more affordable new music from the group.

The new box sets biggest selling feature may in fact be the large chrome skull featured on the box that comes equipped with red light up eyes.

In comparing the “Complete Early Years Box Set” to the Beatles 2009 Japanese remastered box set which included 16 discs and a DVD it’s obvious that $600 is a steep price to pay when double that number of discs are available for Beatles songs on the US version for just $200.

If you’re a Motörhead fan who’s seething over the price of the box set here’s the Get Back In Line music video to calm your nerves:

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Would you be willing to pay $600 for an eight disc box set of your favorite bands material? What if it came with a light up logo from your favorite band along with posters and a photo book?

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