WWE News: Big Update On WWE NXT, Vince McMahon Now Loving The Product?

WWE NXT made huge mark on pro wrestling in 2014, and started 2015 with a bang as well. There are very few wrestling shows that can compare and to many, there are none televised that can bring out great wrestling and storylines each week. WWE has a goldmine in NXT, and Triple H realizes it exponentially. However, it has taken some time for WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon to come around.

Triple H, as well as internet fans, have been claiming NXT was fantastic, yet if the boss doesn’t care for it, it can take a lot of time to get respect from the higher-ups in management. However, NXT made a huge impression this week when it needed to the most. WWE held NXT events to hopefully draw people away from independent shows running all week. WWE Axxess saw some action as well. WWE really wanted to keep things in house this year more than ever.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Vince McMahon was able to attend the NXT show in San Jose and seemed to love it. So much so, he allowed it to go an hour longer than scheduled. This was a significant thing, because Vince would have to pay to keep the show on for longer due to union costs. He seemed to happily be okay with paying for it. It was supposed to end at 12 a.m. on the dot but went until 1 a.m. because Vince just wanted it to. He also got a kick out of the colorful NXT chants.

WWE was said to have had a hard camera there, so we might see some of this footage on the WWE Network. Stephanie McMahon was nice enough to record about 30 minutes of the show from her phone from her seat, which you can see HERE.


A lot of people believe that since Vince got such a kick out of the show, we could see more of the NXT brand. In what way is uncertain however. Do not be surprised if NXT is mentioned on the main roster some though.

There has been a lot of speculation on Ring Of Honor star Jimmy Jacobs. It was widely speculated that Jacobs would be starting with NXT soon, once his ROH dates wrapped this week. However, it is said now that he is going to be moving to Connecticut and will be part of the main roster creative team.

At last word, another ROH star, Samoa Joe, was still set to come to WWE. Those plans look even more likely as Joe wrapped up his ROH run recently. It is said that he will be signed with WWE at some point in April. Some believe he just has to have a healthy medical report during the standard WWE physical and he’s as good as signed. He’s been giving the impression everywhere he could sign this week and that he is WWE bound.

WWE NXT is set to tour more later in the year. We could end up seeing them do their live specials outside of Full Sail but continue to do their weekly shows there at the university. That way it can make the live events seem like a real WWE PPV where they go to larger venues to do their biggest events.

Many believe that since every WWE NXT show sells out quickly every time they put one on outside the Full Sail Arena, NXT could end up doing similar events to the main roster. Whether or not they do so is another thing entirely. However, when you sell 4,000 seats in about an hour, that is a pretty good indication people care for the product and will follow.

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