WWE News: What WWE Legend Was John Cena Supposed To Face At ‘WrestleMania’?

Every few years, there is a new generation of wrestlers that appear at WrestleMania, and take the wrestling world into another era. John Cena may have hit his prime already, but he’s still a big part of it all. Still, a few years back, he was scheduled to face off with a legend at WrestleMania, but an injury pulled the iconic match off the card.

With all going on out in Santa Clara, California, for WrestleMania 31, Hulk Hogan sat down for a Q&A session with the National. During this interview, Hogan revealed that a huge match was set for the big event a few years ago.

WrestleMania 25, I was supposed to take on John Cena. But my back blew out. I was in the middle of my fifth or sixth back surgery and I was supposed to wrestle John. That was the most disappointing one, not being there.”

WrestleMania 25 was ruled by the incredible match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, but a match between Hogan and Cena would have been immense. Due to the match not happening, Hogan wasn’t on the card and Cena faced off against Edge and Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Now, Hulk Hogan is hoping to fight one more match, and he wants it to be in WWE. The 61-year-old icon of wrestling doesn’t feel as if he’s done even though he hasn’t wrestled since back in 2006. He thinks he could go, if against the right person.

“If you put me in the ring right now with someone’s that over, and when I mean over I mean we just look at each other like the Rock and the crowd starts rumbling. If you put me in the ring right now with Roman Reigns, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock or John Cena’ I could tear it down right now. The thing is getting everybody else talked into letting me do that! Vince McMahon [the WWE chairman] had his last match when he was 66 or 67 and I am only 61 years old. I am a lot younger than him’ and Vince is the guy who says never say never. So I am going to hang on to that for a while”

As WrestleZone pointed out, Hogan mentioned that The Undertaker is still wrestling and preparing to fight at WrestleMania 31, even after a year off. The thing he needs to remember is that Undertaker is 50, a full 11 years younger than Hogan.

John Cena has already faced off with one WWE legend that was out of wrestling for a while in The Rock. That was a successful feud and one that brought tons of attention to WWE. A feud between Cena and an aging Hulk Hogan culminating at WrestleMania could very well do the same.

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