Bill Cosby Responds To Heckler Ejected From Show For Disruptions About Rape Allegations, Protesters Outside [Video]

Not all people who attend Bill Cosby’s show are fans, apparently. One audience member was ejected on Friday, March 27, when he mentioned the over three dozen — and counting — women who have accused Bill Cosby of rape, according to Yahoo! News. His comedy set at the Lyric in Maryland was interrupted by a heckler while others protested outside the theater.

Everyone’s “favorite television dad” has come under fire for months. During his comedy routine on Friday night, Cosby said the following, leaving an opening for a response, “I looked around and nobody in my brain spoke up.”

That gave audience members an opening, almost as if a quick wit was part of a comedy sketch. But the mounting number of rape allegations is no joke. Michael M. Cook piped up in response and said the following, according to Yahoo! News, calling the comedian out on the accusations which he has, for the most part, ignored while on tour.

“Thirty-eight women spoke up and called you a rapist. Thirty-eight women called you a rapist.”

Other audience members apparently saw the television all-American dad side of Cosby, as they booed the heckler, telling him to “sit down.” Another audience member shot back at Cook, “Let’s talk about what women call you.”

Aware that he was about to be ejected, Cook again targeted Cosby, baiting him to respond, “They’re going to throw me out in a minute. Are you going to respond to that?”

Cosby got in the mix, asking audience members to ignore the heckler, waving his hands for calm, stating the following according to the Washington Post.

“Just remain calm. We are here to enjoy my gift. We are not here to argue. Let those people speak. We will find them and ask them to leave.”

About 35 people protested outside the theater, holding signs and chanting the following, according to the Washington Post. See the video here.

“The serial rapist has got to go!”

Michael M. Cook, when interviewed after being ejected by theater security, had more to say about why he lashed out at Bill Cosby. He stated the following, according to the Washington Post.

“I stood up to Bill Cosby tonight because I believe the 38 women who have come forward so far to accuse him of raping them. I can’t speak for those women, but I am determined to stand up with them and tell Mr. Cosby that he cannot simply avoid answering for those crimes. I wanted [Cosby] to have to face, even if only for a moment, that reality before security escorted me out and allowed him to retreat to the comfort and embrace of audience willing to ignore those women.”

The 2,500-seat theater wasn’t sold out, but no specific figures of attendance have been released. Two more women had come forth, including one who was allegedly underage at the time, with rape allegations that day.

Bill Cosby’s standard attire for his comedy tour apparently has some wishful thinking that all will be calm and that no one in the theater will mention the forbidden allegations, as he wears a baggy sweat suit adorned by “HELLO FRIEND.”

According to an article in the Inquisitr, the 77-year-old comedian has not faced any criminal charges in any of the cases, but three women are suing him in civil court.

Ironically, Bill Cosby’s national tour is entitled the Far from Finished tour. Do you think Cosby’s career is over? Will he ever be seen on television again? Should he be? Do you believe the over three dozen women who alleged that he raped or otherwise molested them?

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