Rihanna On Her Fears About Being An Outsider And Identifying With Her Character In ‘Home’

Who would ever have thought that superstar songstress Rihanna would be concerned about not fitting in. The stunningly gorgeous hit-maker is known the world over for pushing the boundaries in both fashion and music, so it’s a complete surprise, as Female First notes, to learn that even RiRi has insecurities that have plagued her since she was a child.

The 27-year-old recently spoke candidly with Essence Magazine about where her unveiled fear stems from.

“I have felt like an outsider ever since my first day of school. I think that’s really it. When you are at home, you have this sense of comfort. You belong. It’s familiar. It’s you. Not until you leave your home and have to be in another environment, supervised by completely different people and around different children, that you’re then immediately exposed to new things, new people.”

Rihanna, who has managed a constant stream of top hits on Billboard over the past decade, has most recently shared her voice for a different project. The “S&M” singer has taken on the voice of Tip in the animated creation entitled Home.

A $54 million opening weekend, with another big weekend at number one in the cards, certainly indicates that DreamWorks made the right choice in regards to the film’s cast.

Rihanna was quick to admit that she gained inspiration from the fictional character she played.

”I want to be more like Tip. I was really inspired by her strength and determination. Even in real life, there are those moments where you start to doubt yourself, or you start to really feel like it’s not the right thing.”

In addition, RiRi made known her thoughts in regards to the movie as a whole and shared how the struggles that Tip faces “brought her back” to moments in her own life that were difficult and left her feeling a loss of hope.

“As strange as [new people] are to you, you are to them. It can be hurtful, it comes off hurtful for children but really they’re trying to understand each other or they don’t understand each other because they come from a completely different background or culture. It really is just about being who you are, no matter what.”

Rihanna did not only experience success at the box office this week either. The beauty’s second single, entitled “B***h Better Have My Money,” off her eighth album gained a tremendous response as well. What else can be expected from Rihanna? It was, however, the stellar prank RiRi pulled on Jimmy Kimmel that definitely added the cherry to the cake, marking an ultra successful week for the star.

Watch Rihanna prank Jimmy Kimmel below.

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