Is Hugh Jackman Leaving The ‘X-Men’ Franchise Without A Wolverine?

It looks like the X-Men franchise may be in need of a new Wolverine actor. Today, Hugh Jackman made a post on Instagram that hints his departure from the role.

In the post was a photo of the famous Wolverine razor hands with a caption that disappointed his fans. The post read “WOLVERINE… ONE LAST TIME. HJ.” The post was immediately bombarded with comments expressing that Hugh Jackman is irreplaceable when it comes to the role of Wolverine.

Hugh’s long run in the X-Men franchise started in 2000, when the franchise released the self-titled first film, X-Men. Over the years, fans have watched as a scruffy Hugh Jackman demolished the bad guys with the assistance of his fellow X-Men, and as he fell in love on countless occasions. The story, derived from Marvel Comics, is of a Canadian man whose past is kept secret from the members of his team. Through the years, the X-Men franchise revealed more and more of Wolverine’s history, making for great films that kept people waiting for the next one.

The very first film reportedly grossed $296,339,717 worldwide, a box office number that has greatly increased since 2000. Each year the franchise grossed better both domestically and internationally, and cast members like Hugh Jackman received gradual pay raises. The most recent film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, grossed well over $700,000,000. As a result of the franchise’s success and the talent of Oscar award-nominated Jackman, he is currently worth $18 million.

The possibility that the upcoming X-Men film could be the last that the world sees of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is quite surprising to many. Just last year, Jackman did an interview where he expressed enjoyment in his work for the franchise, according to NY Daily News.

“I’m enjoying it more than ever.”

In the same interview, Hugh does admit that the role of Wolverine was easier for him when he was young. After fifteen years as Wolverine, he was finally feeling his age.

“I love Old Man Logan. I’d like to think I’m a few years off that, but perhaps I’m approaching that faster than I’d like to think.”

Now at the age of 46, Hugh Jackman just may be ready to give the “old man” a rest. Currently, fans are still whispering through the grapevine about Hugh’s telling Instagram photo. So far, there has been no response from Hugh Jackman or the X-Men franchise as whether his time as Wolverine has come to an end.

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