Signs That Kate Middleton Is Having a Girl And She’s Nearly Here

With the typical magical mystery that seems to surround that royal family, Kate Middleton bid the public a formal adieu as she awaits the arrival of her second child — an official maternity leave from public appearances and speaking at events that is expected of the Duchess of Cambridge.


With little George not yet 2 years old, fans remember her pregnancy with him was similar to this one, and that included the family staying completely mum as to the sex and exact due date of the child. However, during this pregnancy, 33-year-old Kate has seemed to suffer less from the severe pregnancy-induced illness she had while carrying Prince George, a syndrome known as hyperemesis gravidarum. She was hospitalized several times during her first pregnancy for dehydration that accompanies the illness, which is marked by extreme nausea and vomiting, requiring her to have intravenous fluids. This pregnancy, while Kate has dealt with a milder form of the same illness, has not led to the hospitalizations and early maternity leave from speaking appearances, so factor number one seems to indicate this is a very different pregnancy. Now that Kate has made her last formal pubic appearance on March 27, a retrospective look at her behaviors and cues lead may lead one to conclude that she is in fact carrying a little royal princess. A second factor that seems to be at play is the fact that while the duchess has traditionally worn multiple shades of blue, and did so early and mid-term into this pregnancy as well, she has recently ditched the cornflower and navy for shades of fuchsia, which is not characteristic of the Duchess’ wardrobe choices, as she often chooses blues and browns to accentuate her blue eyes. However, her final royal appearance was made with her wearing a bright fuchsia, nearly pink, woolen coat that seemed to make a statement, as surely she knows the world is analyzing each and every sign for the gender of the baby. Then again, perhaps is was to keep us guessing? However, not long ago, the Duchess was spotting wearing a very light powder pink ensemble, which is quite rare for her. light pink outfit Kate

Further, Kate Middleton seems to be carrying high, which folklore and Parenting magazine indicate is a wives’ tale that she is carrying a girl. Kate has continued to keep a natural waist despite the pregnancy, a rare finding and one that may indeed point to the fact that she is having a girl. And while the duchess and Royal Family have been secretive about the exact due date, Kate did tell a young girl at a charity event that “we are expecting the baby in Mid to late April,” which typically means the baby could make an appearance anytime now and be considered healthy. Best wishes to William, Kate, George, and the new little royal (princess?) in the coming weeks. This will be an exciting time as the world awaits the news.

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