Miley Cyrus Takes Jab At Kim Kardashian But Did She Take It Too Far?

Watching one star take a jab at another is always entertaining, but Miley Cyrus might have taken matters a little too far when it came to poking fun at Kim Kardashian when she decided to put baby North West into the picture — literally.

Miley has a history of mocking Kim Kardashian on social media while simultaneously displaying her somewhat dubious photoshopping talents. Last November, after Kim K.’s infamous “break the internet” photo shoot, for example, Miley photoshopped a super-sized version of Kim’s own posterior onto her own body. And just earlier this month, after Kim went from being a brunette to a platinum-blonde, Miley Cyrus couldn’t let that pass, either, posting a photoshopped picture of herself as Kim’s hairdresser, with Kim crying in distress while in the hair chair.

But that’s all in good fun, right? Just one star having a little fun at the expense of another star.

But Miley has now abandoned photoshopping Kim Kardashian and is focusing all her cut-and-paste talents on baby North West. Cyrus has posted multiple shots of North West with her famous — or infamous — father Kanye West, with Miley’s own face superimposed over North West’s face.

The results are creepy on a number of levels.

In one photo that Cyrus posted on Instagram, Kanye is giving North-West-with-Miley’s face a piggy-back ride. What was originally a sweet shot of a dad playing with his daughter was manipulated to become absurd, at best, and downright bizarrely freaky at worst — especially when Miley Cyrus captioned the photoshopped pic “Da Da.”

Funny or total fail?
Funny or total fail?

Weird, right?

Miley Cyrus poked some fun at Kim Kardashian’s well-known penchant for taking selfies by posting another photoshop creation that superimposes Miley’s own eyes, rolling in extreme exasperation, in the face of little North West.

The caption reads: “Come on, mom, not ANOTHER selfie!”

Yet another photo altering North West with Miley's own features
Yet another photo altering North West with Miley’s own features

Poking a little fun at a Kardashian — or at Kanye West — is no big deal, but the addition of North West has many asking if Miley Cyrus has taken things a little too far. A baby, after all, shouldn’t be held responsible for the behavior of his or her parents, no matter how bizarre or outrageous that behavior may be.

But Miley isn’t the first one to criticize Kim’s parenting and relationship with daughter North. Anna Wintour and Sharon Osbourne both called Kim out for the “dreary” way she dresses the toddler girl, and music star Kelly Clarkson snubbed Kim when saying there would be no playdates between her own little one and the daughter of Kim and Kanye

She added, “I don’t think my kid would be talented enough to hang out with Kanye’s kid.”

What do you think of Miley Cyrus’s mash-up creations on her Instagram account? Were they photoshop fails or funnies?

For more on Kim Kardashian’s relationship with North West, click here to read how one parenting expert recently slammed the reality star for treating her daughter like an accessory.

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