Olivia Munn Is Wisconsin’s New Good Luck Charm

Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers’ relationship has taken the next big step. No, despite the fact that the pair appear very happy together, wedding bells aren’t ringing just yet. The step Olivia Munn and her beau took this week is that she attended the Wisconsin game at this year’s NCAA Tournament at Rodgers’ side. While some might just expect this to be a part of any good relationship, there has been talk about the fact that the Green Bay Packers quarterback is very particular about the kind of good luck charms he brings along when he watches the Badgers play during March Madness.

According to the Big Lead, Rodgers attended Wisconsin’s run to the final four last year, though he did it without Olivia Munn at his side. This time, he had his girlfriend in tow even while he made sure to wear the same hat he wore a year ago. Olivia Munn and her man attended the Sweet Sixteen game against Wisconsin and North Carolina and the pair watched the team rally from a 33-31 deficit at the half.

Olivia Munn has already won her “geek” card for hosting a television program on the now defunct G4 network, but it appears she really is a bonafide sports fan as well. It appears Olivia Munn didn’t choose her new friend simply because she liked his looks. When it comes to Wisconsin sports, she knows her stuff. As the Badgers rallied for the victory, the actress was seen cheering and high-fiving with the best of them.

Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers are no strangers to the team either. The quarterback, who has followed the team for years, even got a shout-out after the game, according to NESN.

“He was talking to me this morning, saying he wants a good show,” Dekker said in a postgame interview with TBS. “He’s been so supportive all year. He’s really behind our backs and reaching out to me if I’m playing well or not playing well and just staying behind me as a good friend. When you have the MVP of the NFL doing that for you, it’s pretty cool.”

Olivia Munn might be new to the fandom for Wisconsin, but it appears she too will be rooting for the team for a while. Now we’ll just have to sit back and see whether or not Olivia Munn is actually a good luck charm, as the Badgers continue to march towards the championship game.

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