Taylor Swift Look-Alike Tricks Swifties — Even Taylor Herself!

Taylor Swift has a look-alike that’s been tricking fans and has managed to fool even the pop singer herself. The “Blank Space” singer took to her Tumblr to reblog photos of a woman named Morgan Jensen on Monday, March 23, according to an Us Weekly report. The photos show that Morgan prove that she looks very much like Taylor Swift!

The collage was created by Jensen’s best friend Kasey. She captioned the photo, “When your best friend looks like Taylor Swift you have to take 100 selfies.” The photos were also shared on Jensen’s Instagram account. Swift replied to the collage on Tumblr, “lol I thought that was me.”

Photo via Tumblr/NeverGoOutOfStyle

As you can see, Morgan wears Taylor’s signature red lipstick and dark black sunglasses from her Red album era. She also wears the singer’s “Welcome to New York” white T-Shirt, as an ode to the singer’s new digs. Morgan also wears the same side swept bangs and shoulder-length hairstyle as the singer herself.

The aspiring model and graphic designer was shocked to find out when Swift shared the photo on Tumblr with her millions of fans. Jensen was understandably shocked about the situation. She explained her shocking discovery to Cosmopolitan magazine.

“When I saw [Taylor] had reblogged it I screamed and threw my phone and for the next 6 hours after that I was an ugly mess. Taylor is everything and the fact that she saw my face and thought it looked like hers — I died!”

Morgan also threw in the fact that she gets mistaken for Taylor Swift a lot. “I’m as tall and lanky as she is. Before her concert in Nashville in 2013, people lined up for photos with me for two hours!”

The fanatic is known for standing outside of Swift’s concerts, and taking photos with the Swifties. Jensen wrote on Facebook that she’s been trying to meet her idol for years. Fans can only imagine what the photos will look like when Jensen and Swift finally meet. It’ll be interesting to see the uncanny resemblance side by side.

Morgan isn’t the only woman who looks like Taylor Swift. According to a previous report on the Inquisitr, there is also an adult actress that resembles the pop singer. A list of celebrity adult star lookalikes was released earlier this week by The Mirror. The report said that adult entertainer Jana Jordan resembles Taylor Swift with their trademark blonde curls and similar facial features.

What are your thoughts on Morgan Jensen? Do you think she looks like Taylor Swift?

[Image: Morgan Jensen via Instagram, Taylor Swift’s RED album]

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