‘Blood, Sweat And Heels’ Mica Hughes And Daisy Lewellyn Talk Season 2 Fights And New Additions

Ahead of the Blood, Sweat and Heels Season 2 premiere on Sunday, March 29, on Bravo, some of its stars have spoken out about the upcoming season. In an interview with MadameNoire, posted on Wednesday, Daisy Lewellyn spoke about the physical fight that happened between co-stars Melyssa Ford and Geneva S. Thomas while the cast were filming the show.

“People ask me all of the time, what happened with the fight? What happened? What happened? Funny enough, I was at the party where the incident occurred, but actually at that party I got sick. It was a situation where I really wasn’t present so I don’t know what happened or how it started… I really just wish the best for both Melyssa and Geneva because we’re all human and I just hope that everything works out.”

In late October, 2014, TMZ reported that Melyssa and Geneva got into a violent fight while on a boat party. Melyssa claimed that Geneva smashed a bottle over her head and she had to go to the hospital to get a huge gash on her head stapled shut. A video posted on TMZ of the fight doesn’t clearly show the bottle smash. TMZ later reported that Geneva is suing Melyssa for $25 million for defaming her.

Viewers may see the actual fight on the show, or at least the repercussions. The preview for the new season shows Geneva talking about how she can go from “1 to 10” instantly and the other women being shocked to find out that she was arrested.

The preview also shows Daisy facing a health crisis and her co-stars breaking down upon hearing what’s happening with her. Daisy revealed to MadameNoire that she was diagnosed with stage three cancer of the bile ducts in the liver. Despite having cancer, Daisy is remaining upbeat and even said that cancer is “the best thing that[‘s] ever happened” to her because it has strengthened her faith in God and belief in herself.

While Daisy Lewellyn got along well with her Blood, Sweat and Heels co-stars for the most part on Season 1, the same can’t be said for Mica Hughes. Demetria Lucas D’Oyley and Geneva Thomas were particularly vocal in their dislike of Micah and their disapproval of her drinking. In an interview with Ebony, posted on Friday, Mica said that she “drank no more than anyone else on the show.” Mica also revealed that viewers will see her making amends with Demetria and Geneva.

“This season Demetria and I have a sit-down and we come to a happy place, and the same with Geneva. We actually do end up on good terms. We’re not besties, but we’re good.”

Mica also spoke up about new cast members Arzo Anwar and Chantelle Fraser.

“I vibed with them. Arzo and I do have a little bit of tension, which you’ll see. But if you’re nice with me, you get that back. Chantelle and I are cool. There hasn’t been any beef or weird feelings. But it started out with me and Geneva like that, then things got ugly.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, viewers won’t see Brie Bythewood in Season 2 of Blood, Sweat and Heels. Brie herself confirmed on Wednesday that she’s no longer a part of the show.

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