Samsung Galaxy S6 Exploited With More Bloatware Than iPhone 6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 arrives in stores on April 10, but you may have to spend a lot of time deleting software that you never wanted or needed. According to Gizmodo, bloatware on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a huge problem.

“At first glance, the new S6 and S6 Edge appear to be less cluttered, but you’ll actually find some 56 applications pre-installed. That’s 6 more than the 50 you’ll find on the Galaxy Note 4! Between the Google Apps you’ll find on every phone (Play Newsstand? Come on), Samsung’s apps like S Voice and S Health, the new Microsoft apps like OneDrive (intended to soften the blow of no microSD slot), assorted social apps like Whatsapp and Instagram, and carrier apps (6 on T-Mobile), there’s a ton of cruft. A Moto G I have hanging around—which runs near stock Android—starts with just 33.”

Gizmodo notes that Samsung says it allows users to remove pre-installed applications on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. However, the most one can usually do is disable the apps, which removes them from the app drawer and home screen. However, the apps still take up memory on the phone. On the other hand, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus don’t have any bloatware apps. Users can start using the iPhone as soon as it is activated and don’t have to worry about spending a frustrating hour deleting apps.

The bloatware on the Galaxy S6 is a problem, but it shouldn’t be big enough to deter people from buying the phone. The smartphone has received excellent early reviews. Trusted Reviews believes the Samsung Galaxy S6 is definitely an improvement over last year’s version.

“The Galaxy S5 was a great phone overall, but it fell short on materials and design. This year’s flagship looks familiar, but it feels more like the premium phone its price demands and answers those criticisms that we had of last year’s phone.”

Know Your Mobile is also in awe of the Galaxy S6.

“We were lucky enough to be able to see Samsung’s new handsets first-hand, and we can say with certainty that this is a complete 180-degree turn on what came before. The materials, the build, and the aesthetic design are all massively improved, this is Samsung hearing its critics loud and clear. This is no-holds barred; the gloves are off!”

It looks like that despite the bloatware, Samsung is preparing to launch a smartphone that’s quite out of this world. Are you going to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6? Tell us in the comments section.

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