‘Pillars Of Eternity’: A Must Have RPG For Serious Gamers, A Retro D&D Game With A Modern Feel

Pillars of Eternity, an Obsidian Entertainment RPG financed by a 2012 Kickstarter campaign, was released this week and already promises to be a major success.

The game, based on the Dungeons and Dragons-style of quest gaming, is the spiritual descendant of Balder’s Gate. Its retro feel and advanced gameplay are sure to keep RPG gamers glued to the screen for hours.

PC Gamer called it a wonderfully written RPG that lives up to its legacy.

“This is a big, fat, deep adventure that lets you carve your own unique path through a fantasy world that’s been brilliantly brought to life with rich, evocative writing. It’s a game steeped in a bygone era of computer RPG design, but somehow it doesn’t feel archaic.”

Pillars of Eternity was financed through a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that captured the imagination of some 74,000 people and raised $4 million, according to Wired.

The game starts first with an extensive character design. Players can choose from the well-known list of races like humans, elves, and dwarves along with an exciting new mix of character races like the water-dwelling Aumaua or furry Orlans.

Next, Pillars of Eternity players must choose a class for their character, including the tried and true fighters, wizards, and rangers set along with the new cipher and chanter classes. There are 11 character classes in all.

After creating their characters, players enter the game world and can choose to follow the mission or go off and explore on their own.

The Pillars of Eternity world is huge and offers innumerable NPC’s to interact with; the choices players make in character creation play out in the game world.

The text-based Pillars of Eternity game reminds players of the old school RPGs, but Pillars is far deeper and more complicated than the old games. Character stats have real game-world meaning and character choices affect the story.

Characters earn experience points not only by completing quests and discovering hidden locations, but also by being sneaky and disarming traps. This isn’t your father’s hack-and-slash world of old.

The computer-based Pillars of Eternity RPG is available for both Windows and Mac and can be played online through Steam or GoG, according to the Inquisitr.

Escapist Magazine called it the best new, isometric RPG.

“It’s a game rich with player agency, giving you tons of control to craft your story or explore different solutions to the presented problems. You know, actual roleplaying not simply a game with a leveling and stat system stapled on.”

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