Lindsay Lohan Flashes A Breast On Instagram: Did She Suffer A Nip Slip?

Lindsay Lohan is a pro at using social media to get attention, and it’s a good thing that she’s learned how to do this — she doesn’t have a lot going on for her these days, so the Mean Girls star would likely be one of those “Where are they now?” celebrity curiosities without social media.

Lindsay Lohan’s latest attention-grabbing Instagram post is one that features quite a bit of flesh. According to Gossip Cop, Lindsay recently scored a photo shoot with Notion magazine, and she couldn’t wait to let her fans know that she’s actually found some work. Lilo shared the behind-the-scenes photo below, along with a caption about how “innovative and inspiring” the Notion shoot was.

Lindsay Lohan Breast Photo

The photo above has been censored because Lindsay’s entire right breast is almost exposed, but you can see the uncensored picture on Lindsay’s Instagram page. As you can see, it’s hard to tell whether Lindsay Lohan is suffering a nip slip in the blurry pic.

Perhaps Instagram hasn’t taken down Lindsay Lohan’s revealing Instagram photo because her nipple isn’t clearly visible. According to TV Guide, Chelsea Handler keeps trying to bare her own breasts on Instagram, but her topless photos are always taken down. Handler thinks it isn’t fair that pictures of male and female nipples aren’t treated equally on the social networking site — male nipples are okay, female nipples are not. Lindsay Lohan’s photo seems to be proof that the nipple is the only portion of the female breast that Instagram has a problem with.

The photo above isn’t Lindsay Lohan’s only Instagram snapshot that recently captured her fans’ attention. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the starlet caused another Insta-commotion by trying to show off her butt and legs. Unfortunately, she suffered from a blatantly obvious Photoshop fail.

In addition to keeping herself entertained on Instagram, Lindsay Lohan has been enjoying the London life. According to the Daily Mail, she was recently spotted rocking a fur coat while she partied at the DSTRKT nightclub. However, last year Lohan told the Observer that she moved to London to get away from the party scene that she couldn’t get enough of in L.A.

“In L.A., I didn’t know what to do apart from go out every night,” Lohan said.

Lindsay claimed that London is helping her “grow up,” and she announced that she’ll never move back to L.A. However, living in London hasn’t helped her stay out of trouble. Earlier this month, the actress was ordered to redo 125 hours of her court-ordered community service. According to Access Hollywood, Lohan was erroneously given credit for fan meet-and-greets and her London performances of the play Speed-the-Plow.

What do you think of the state of Lindsay Lohan’s career? Is it sad that she gets more attention for posting Instagram photos than she does for doing any actual work, or are you just glad that she’s making somewhat of an effort to get her life back on track?

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