Jake Gyllenhaal After Oscar In ‘Southpaw’ Trailer [Video]

Jake Gyllenhaal might have been snubbed at this year’s Academy Awards for Nightcrawler, but come next year, there’s a good chance he’ll receive an Oscar nomination for Southpaw.

While it’s still very early, it’s hard to deny that Southpaw looks like it features everything an Oscar baited film must have to earn nominations and critical praise.

If Southpaw sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because the internet lost their minds when the first photo of Jake Gyllenhaal was released. In the photo, Gyllenhaal goes through a huge transformation. Many were drooling at his ripped abs and others stared in admiration of his transformation.

Whether you fawned over Gyllenhaal’s physical transformation or not, the photo definitely perked a few film buffs who are usually dormant until blockbuster season beings in May. Now we have the trailer for the film directed by Antoine Fuqua, and it definitely lives up to the anticipation.

Here’s a peek at Gyllenhaal’s transformation.

Southpaw focuses on Junior Middleweight Champion Billy Hope. Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) is trying to make a comeback after he loses custody of his daughter after a family tragedy.

Back in August, Fuqua spoke about Gyllenhaal’s physical transformation in Southpaw, saying, “He looks like a fighter. He’s got tattoos. He’s got everything. He’s got the eyes kind of messed up, the nose is different. Oh, yeah, he looks rough. He looks tough. I really wanted him to be a fighter. Right now, he’s been boxing so much, he’s in that mentality.”

As for the story, Fuqua said Southpaw is about “a father and daughter coming to terms with mourning and coming to terms with, ‘Who’s the parent?’ Learning how to be a parent, learning how to be a father, in particular. [The story] really hit my heart. It’s a sports movie but it’s more about the father, learning how to be a dad without the mom when tragedy happens.”

Here are a few reactions the trailer garnered.

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