‘RHOA’ Season 7 Reunion: Demetria McKinney Doesn’t Attend, Claudia Jordan And Kenya Moore Tweet Excitement

One person viewers won’t see on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 7 reunion show is Demetria McKinney. On Friday morning, Demetria, who has been shown on the show as a recurring housewife this past season, shared that while the other Atlanta housewives film the reunion show, she’s in Chicago to perform at the Black Women’s Expo.

When her fans asked her why she wasn’t at the reunion, some assuming that she wasn’t invited, Demetria explained that she was already booked for the Black Women’s Expo before the reunion filming date was released. She added that she prefers to sing and live her “tulip” dream rather than engage in the negativity that’s bound to happen on the reunion.

“No, I had a booking before the date was released. Would definately like to sing and live my ‘tulip’ dream rather than give energy to the negativity that’s gonna be on deck at the reunion! Lol! I know my girls will hold it down so make sure u support them if u can!”

Demetria McKinney
Demetria McKinney before the Chicago Black Women’s Expo on Friday, March 27, 2015.

Demetria’s “‘tulip’ dream” comment refers to Phaedra Parks, accompanied by NeNe Leakes, telling the 35-year-old in one episode that perhaps she’s too old to still be pursuing a career as a pop singer and maybe she should be a gospel singer instead. “Why didn’t you try to be a pop star when you were more of a tulip?” asked Phaedra. Phaedra and NeNe also questioned why Demetria has been in a 8-year on-and-off relationship with businessman Roger Bobb without a ring or the promise of one.

If Demetria would have attended the reunion, she likely would have had some drama with Phaedra over that “tulip comment.” Demetria may have also confronted both Phaedra and NeNe for their comments about her relationship with Roger. Demetria may have even questioned Kandi Burruss over her bringing her friend, hair stylist Gocha, to a party, whereupon Gocha declared to everyone that she dated Roger during a time when he was supposedly with Demetria. Demetria later explained via Twitter that she and Roger were on a break when he hooked up with Gocha.

While Demtria McKinney wasn’t up for the reunion, her friends Kenya Moore and Claudia seemed to look forward to it. As she prepared for the reunion, Claudia shared an upbeat tweet.

Claudia later posted on Instagram a message of thanks to her fans.

“What ch’all doing today?? I’ll be here for the next 12 hours for sure. This is bout to be fun! Thanks for all of you for making us a success. We appreciate each and everyone of you for all the love and support! #RHOA.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Claudia Jordan told a magazine a few days prior that she’s “excited” for the season 7 reunion because she “like[s] a challenge.” Claudia also said that Porsha Williams should be fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta because she doesn’t bring enough to the show and just “co-signs” everything that NeNe Leakes does and says. Perhaps, at the reunion, Porsha will have something to say to Claudia at her latest remarks?

As for Kenya Moore, she made clear that’s she’s up for the challenge.

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