WWE, KISS’ Gene Simmons To Produce ‘Elevated’ Horror Movies

KISS’ Gene Simmons is teaming up with WWE to finance and produce an array of “elevated” horror movies.

The rocker has paired with WWE Studios to create Erebus Pictures, and their three-picture deal will begin with Temple, which is due to start filming this summer.

Simmons, who is one of the most popular rock and reality television stars in the world, released a statement, via CNN, that explains his decision to work in the cinematic field.

“The horror genre continues to fascinate me as it proves to be endlessly thrilling and engaging for audiences,” Simmons confirmed.

His sentiments were echoed by Michael Luisi, the president of WWE Studios.

“Horror films fall into a genre that thrives on genuine passion,” Luisi remarked, “and I believe this partnership truly capitalizes on that sentiment and supports our vision.”

WWE Studios is likely to promote Erebus Pictures’ productions heavily on the WWE Network, which is a subscription-based streaming service that shows the likes of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown, the corporation’s biggest shows, on a weekly basis. The core of WWE’s fan base is young male fans, and they are also the demographic who are primarily interested in horror movies.

Erebus Pictures, which is named after the Greek God of darkness, will start their slate with Temple. Written by Exile to Babylon’s Matt Savelloni, the film revolves around a group of highly-trained operatives who find themselves locked inside a military compound. After learning that the team previously stationed are all dead, they confront “strange and horrific phenomena” that could lead to their own demise.

Temple is yet to find a director, but principle photography is expected to begin in the summer, while Erebus Pictures’ second feature film is due to start shooting later in the year.

According to Rolling Stone, this won’t actually be the first foray into the horror genre for Simmons. The bassist previously starred in the 1986 film Trick Or Treat as a DJ who assists a young fan to bring his favorite musician back to life.

Meanwhile, Simmons only recently finished work on You Wanted The Best. You Got The Best, a documentary about KISS that he executively produced. This expose of the band over the decades is due to be released in theatres later this year.

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