WWE News: Roman Reigns Now Set To Lose At ‘WrestleMania 31’ To Brock Lesnar?

There has been a lot of talk heading into WrestleMania this year. The main event was seemingly planned from the summer of 2014 up until now, and the winner was always said to be WWE Superstar Roman Reigns. It was uncertain who the WWE World Heavyweight Champion would be by WrestleMania season, but as time went on, we knew it would be Brock Lesnar.

That made it to where Roman Reigns would be able to beat The Beast who was “the one” in 21 and 1. This was planned to give Reigns the push of a lifetime and allow him to become WWE’s new face now that the current face, John Cena, is getting older. The problem is that WWE pushed him too quick and fans didn’t “believe” in Reigns. Could it have also been the number of months he missed due to surgery? Did the Royal Rumble match do it for him? Maybe the terrible promos?

There’s so much that can be seen as bad with Reigns. Despite how good he is in other areas, he simply cannot get over. That is why it appears WWE might be pushing to have Brock Lesnar go over Reigns instead.

With Lesnar re-signing, it means that WWE can have him for a lot longer and run stories perfectly through him as WWE World Champion. Since Lesnar is proven, WWE knows what they have. Fans do not seem sold on Reigns, but if he were to work his way back up, there’s a chance Reigns could be the champion one day. Is he ready now? Many would say no. However, the case was always that management was in love with Reigns. That may not be the case right now.

Last night on WWE SmackDown, Michael Cole claimed he didn’t think that Roman Reigns had a chance against Lesnar. This is interesting, as Cole has been supportive of Reigns. Due to the fact that the “Voice of the WWE” listens and does whatever Vince McMahon tells him, many were left wondering. On top of this, Cageside Seats is reporting that the only man who is working on the Reigns/Lesnar match is Vince.

He is taking counsel from Triple H and may listen a bit to Paul Heyman. However, the match and everything in it is a McMahon project. It is said that Vince isn’t telling anyone a thing. That means we may not know a thing heading into the match. It could go either way.

However, if we take Cole’s comments into thought, Vince could be giving us clues. Does that means Roman Reigns will lose? Currently, signs are pointing to that despite any doubt of him losing. Will he lose? Only Vince McMahon himself knows, and there’s no way you’ll get him to talk.

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