YouTube 60FPS 4K Format Is Probably Too Much For Your PC Or Game Console

A new YouTube 60fps 4k format is now being tested as a result of video format quality growing in demand. The experimental Beta quality probably won’t work on your PC or game console though.

You can, of course, see videos in the crispest, smoothest resolution possible depending on your display and the upload quality of the hosting channel. This also means that those of us with limited data plans may need to keep the quality lower, such as 480p, so YouTube doesn’t eat up your limit by accident and give you overage charges for keeping up with your subscriptions.

Last October, YouTube already started testing out its 60fps videos, and many major YouTubers scrambled to upgrade their video quality to stay competitive. News show host Michael Warbux, though a smaller channel, has reportedly started uploading that format as well, and he has said that it takes a lot longer to process and upload.

The biggest problem with the new YouTube 60fps 4k format is that even if you’re capable of recording at that quality (the cameras themselves are pricey), only those of us with more powerful computers and 4k monitors or TVs will even see the new resolution in all its glory.

The picture quality boasted in this new Beta is 3840 x 2160, a level that you probably won’t be able to see on the current mainstream products. Don’t even try checking it out on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4, because the consoles are only able to boast 1080p 60fps at the highest, and that’s only with a handful of games that can pull it off.

If you do have a computer with the capability of seeing this new Ultra HD format, the playlist above has been put together by YouTube for your consideration. Be sure to click on the little gear at the bottom of the video and select the highest possible setting. Anyone else will most likely see it buffering for a while, if the videos play at all.

What do you think of the new YouTube 60fps 4k format? Is it worth the upgrade to the more high-end displays and computers?

[Image via YouTube]

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