‘Wrestlemania 31’: The Undertaker Arrives To The Airport – Does He Still Look Phenomenal For The WWE Event?

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported on WWE superstar The Undertaker and if he would be healthy enough to perform on the “Grandest Stage of Them All” at Wrestlemania 31. It was to the satisfaction of WWE fans that pictures showed the “Phenom” looking phenomenal through workouts with former WWE diva and wife, Michelle McCool. Though valid reasons were given on why the Undertaker is looking better than ever for his upcoming match with Bray Wyatt (prevent injury, make-up for last year’s performance), there is a possibility he may continue to wrestle after Wrestlemania 31, possibly feuding against Sting on WWE RAW right after the pay-per-view.

Now with Wrestlemania 31 less than 48 hours away, people wonder if The Undertaker is still in tip-top shape or if said pictures were relics that teased the WWE Universe. Thankfully, recent pictures taken at an airport, dated closer to the “Show of Shows” in sports entertainment, prove the Phenom is still looking phenomenal.

Undertaker with Fan
The Undertaker poses with a wrestling fan at an airport terminal. (via Instagram)

Apparently, Uproxx has been keeping visual tabs on The Undertaker prior to Wrestlemania 31, possibly because the last time his picture was taken (specifically in an airport) was before Wrestlemania XXX (the venue in which Brock Lesnar snapped The Streak). At the time, many reporters have said he was “looking close to death.” This year is different as a more lively Undertaker posed for pictures for fans at the airport who would in turn upload them on their social media accounts.

Undertaker with Two Fans
The Undertaker takes a picture along with two fans at the airport. (via Instagram)

The initial source even had some fun, harmlessly poking at The Undertaker’s beard being freshly dyed with Just For Men and the fact his fancy carry-on luggage is paisley-printed. The WWE Universe may smirk at the latter, but it makes more sense that the fancy luggage most likely belongs to The Undertaker’s wife, Michelle McCool. As a matter of fact, the former WWE diva (who is a two-time WWE Women’s Champion and a two-time WWE Divas Champion as well as the first to hold the latter) has also been seen alongside her husband as reported by PWPix.

Undertaker and Michelle McCool
The Undertaker and Michelle McCool in Santa Clara, California for Wrestlemania 31. (via PWPix)

It should also be known the pictures were reportedly taken at an airport in Santa Clara, California, the location in which Wrestlemania 31 will take place on Sunday, March 29 in Levi’s Stadium. The Undertaker will be facing Bray Wyatt in a match best described as last era’s face of fear (The Undertaker) versus this era’s face of fear (Bray Wyatt). That match is sure to be entertaining to watch especially with the Undertaker looking better this year than last. On the business side, the match is a major deciding factor if The Undertaker will be alright to follow through WWE executive plans to have him retire next year at Wrestlemania 32 in Arlington, Texas.

[Featured Image via Twitter, Post Images via sourced in description]

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