Darius McCrary Of ‘Family Matters’ Fame Gets Arrested For Child Support In Oakland County

Perhaps Darius McCrary needs to pay more attention to his Family Matters. Last Wednesday, McCrary was arrested for not being able to pay child support.

The actor appeared before a judge in Oakland County, Michigan, who gave him two options to choose from: pay $5,500 in back support or to take a two-week vacation in jail. McCrary obviously chose the former, shelling out $5,500. He was released later that day.

After his release, the actor took to social media to clear the bad air.

On Twitter last Thursday, McCrary wrote, “All I’m trying to do is raise my son.”

He ended his tweet with the hashtag #BeingDadIsNotAnOption. With this tweet, it seems like the 38-year-old father is insinuating that there is more to the story than what is being told by the media.

People are even more confused when he followed this up with another tweet, saying, “Shot out & a BIG #salute 2 the Oakland county Sheriffs and All Fathers being wrongly persecuted… #SatyStrong U guys rock!!”

What is really going on?

The allegation against McCrary does not also add up with history. In 2014, the actor was awarded full custody of his son, Zechariah. This says a lot about how the court found McCrary eligible to responsibly raise his child. As a matter of fact, the actor reportedly made a bold move by initially agreeing to share legal guardianship with Zechariah’s mother, who lives in Michigan. At that time, McCrary openly shared his happiness about being a father. He described fatherhood as being “a joy” and sounded like the ideal dad when talking about his son.

“Zech is just so awesome. He just reminds me every day of the responsibility I have as a man and a father. Not only to him but to myself. The better I am for me, the better I am for him,” he said, adding that being a father was his biggest role to date.

McCrary is famous for playing Eddie Winslow in the 1990s television series Family Matters. The well-loved show ran for nine seasons and had 207 episodes. Eddie is the eldest in the Winslow family and is depicted to be the cool elder brother. He was constantly evolving throughout the span of the show from being a jock to a slacker and eventually to a police officer.

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