Idris Elba Just Inked A Deal To Design Clothing For Superdry

Actor Idris Elba has signed a deal with the SuperGroup company to design a range of premium clothing for the company’s Superdry brand. Elba will be creating said designs with the assistance of Superdry founder and design director, James Holder.

The plan to sign Idris Elba was announced in a SuperGroup investors meeting for which the topic of discussion was “strategy.” Former director of the Superdry co-op group, Euan Sutherland, has spoken in detail about the companies strategy going forward.

“Today we are setting out our strategy to deliver sustainable growth at SuperGroup, as we continue progressing towards our goal of creating a global lifestyle brand. Superdry represents British innovation, quality premium products at affordable prices sold to customers around the world. Superdry is an iconic brand with a strong heritage and we will continue to broaden and strengthen its appeal to customers across countries and age groups.”

The strategy that the company had in mind was to appeal to an older demographic of customers. Reportedly, Superdry mostly appeals to the 18-24 age group, but there are also many customers who have “grown up with the brand.” Recently, Sutherland made a statement to why the company chose Elba.

“He epitomises what we are: British, grounded and cool.”

Adding to their strategic marketing, SuperGroup has bought back its rights to sell its products in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, according to Sky News. The company accomplished this by dishing out 22.3 million euros in a buyout, to the United States license holder. Sutherland believes that Idris’ U.S. popularity can help Superdry to rebrand itself in the Americas.

“Idris Elba is a big man in the US and he will automatically reposition Superdry in people’s minds.”

This repositioning is something the company feels is necessary to stay afloat in North and Central America. Reportedly, this new endeavor comes after some extreme difficulty with sales. As recently as last month, the brand’s finance chief, Shaun Willis, announced his resignation after declaring bankruptcy. A month previous, Superdry’s chief control officer, Susanne Given announced that she was leaving the group to “explore other opportunities.” At that point, the company was reportedly forced to issue a profit warning to its investors.

SuperGroup has since redeemed itself with sales rising six percent in recent months. The Superdry brand has reportedly regained strength in sales in the U.K. but not yet in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Sutherland has stated the brand’s vision for its new venture in the Americas and exactly how Idris Elba can help bring that vision to life.

“This exciting collaboration is evidence of SuperGroup’s commitment to British innovation, and the development of a premium range.”

The new premium range by Idris Elba is expected to be available online and in stores by autumn 2015.

[Image from John Sciulli/Getty Images]

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