Possible Apple Watch ‘Flop’ Has Apps Released Ahead Of Launch

Apple fans are cheering for joy. According to MacRumors, apps for the Apple Watch have started showing up.

“Ahead of the Apple Watch’s upcoming April 24 launch, apps that include Apple Watch support are beginning to be released in the App Store. As of today, several popular iOS apps have been updated with built-in Apple Watch apps, including Evernote, Dark Sky, Things, and Target. Additional apps with Apple Watch support will be rolling out over the course of the day, giving us a first look at how many of the apps on the device will function.”

Unfortunately, the Apple Watch won’t show up in stores until April 24. But at least fans can have a sneak preview with the apps. Even though Apple fanatics are thrilled, not everybody thinks the Apple Watch will be a groundbreaking product. According to ValueWalk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak isn’t very excited about the Apple Watch.

“Wozniak (who is the lead engineer for Primary Data) thinks it’s great Apple is redefining technology with exciting new projects. However, he thinks Apple’s pricing for the device is not a savvy move. The watch’s price, which ranges from $350 to $10,000 is outrageous. He even admitted he wouldn’t spend $10,000 for the expensive Edition version unless it came with a special feature or app that would make wearing it all the time worthwhile. He further elaborated that when customer purchases a high-end watch, they don’t buy the watch for apps; they buy the watch for prestige.”

Despite the criticism, Business Insider believes the Apple Watch will be difficult to find on launch day.

“If you’re planning on buying an Apple Watch, you might want to seriously consider reserving the specific model you want…The inventory at most Apple Stores throughout the country will be heavily restrained, and Apple will be giving priority to those that reserve their watches ahead of time.”

It’s quite possible that Apple may only release a limited amount of watches in order to create hype. This has worked quite well for many Apple releases, including the iPad 2. By releasing a limited amount of watches, news headlines will brag about how the Apple Watch is sold out everywhere and hard to find. Many consumers will then buy into the hype and immediately try and get an Apple’s latest device.

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