Adolf Hitler Drug Use: Was The Fuhrer A Junkie?

Adolf Hitler used drugs according to the documentary, titled Hitler The Junkie, which could explain some of the decisions he took during World War II.

Those who think that Hitler wasn’t in his right mind when he ordered the annihilation of millions of Jews and other atrocities during World War II would be correct. In fact, according to medical records, the vicious German leader was under the influence of several potent drugs.

Hitler The Junkie — an in-depth look at one of the most brutal dictators in modern history — examines the drugs he was using during his time as the Fuhrer. Despite the fact that his followers believed him to be a larger-than-life figure, declassified documents show he suffered from stress, among other mental and physical ailments.

The special focuses on records and letters obtained from Adolf Hitler’s personal physician, Dr. Theodore Morell, who provided him with unusual mixtures of drugs to keep him going. Publicly, Hitler only admitted to being ill once during his lifetime, when he was gassed during World War I.

However, a closer look at his medical records indicate this was not entirely accurate and he needed several medications to function. As a matter of fact, Dr. Morell provided Hitler with a steady selection of up to 70 different drugs, including exotic concoctions, addictive medicines, as well as homemade mixtures.

The findings are so disturbing, they can almost explain the irrationality shown by Hitler during most of his time in power. In his diary, Morell explains how he was using leeches, something more appropriate for the 17th century, but that didn’t work so he started treating Hitler with drugs used to put animals to sleep.”

“20th of August 1941: Hitler was jittery, his hands were shaking and he was dazed.”

“I gave him dessert spoon of Brom-Nervacit and after that he slept fine.”

Hitler drug use
Adolf Hitler in 1944 (Photos via Getty Images)

Not surprisingly, after years of the horrors he was committing during the war, Hitler’s health was going downhill and Morell decided to give him stronger drugs, according to the documentary.

“This began with a powerful painkiller for his stomach cramps called Eukodal. It was morphine based just like heroin and Hitler used it 24 times.”

To help him perform in the bedroom, Morell provided Hitler a drug that was an extract of bull semen. “It was supposed to be a testosterone boost and was often given when Hitler was with Eva Braun.”

Like many Germans of that time, Adolf Hilter’s drug use included a form of crystal meth called Pervitin, to get through the horrors of the conflict, the documentary says.

“In the summer of 1943, when the Fuhrer had a vital meeting with Mussolini, Morell is thought to have given Pervitin to Hitler.”

“Likely high on crystal meth, Hitler ranted non-stop at Mussolini for two hours.”

This was Adolf Hitler’s drug of choice during his last days, after he let Morell escape on April 22, 1945 as Berlin was falling to the allied forces and he hid in a bunker. On April 30, the Fuhrer put a bullet to his head ending his misery and ridding the world of one of the worst mass murderers in history.

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