$1.6M Home Uninhabitable: As ‘Dream Home’ Sinks Into The Ground, A 10-Year Battle With Builder Ensues

A $1.6m home is uninhabitable, and the owners of the home have spent nearly all of their money trying to fix the problems.

According to Sport Act, Humayun Akhtar and his wife purchased a gorgeous home in Florham Park, New Jersey. When the two were ready to move in, they noticed some strange things happening — major cracks started appearing in the walls and in the foundation, and soon, the whole house started sinking into the ground. Despite talking to the builder, nothing has changed. Mr. Akhtar and his wife have never even spent the night in what they thought was their “dream home.” Instead, they have been dealing with this nightmare for 10 years.

The $1.6M home has been uninhabitable ever since these problems started happening, and things have only gotten worse. Mr. Akhtar actually sued the builder of the home, and he won, but the decision was overturned when the builder filed an appeal. If the original ruling went through, the builder would have been required to pay $7.4 million in damages to the homeowner. The case is awaiting its day in court, where a jury will decide whether or not the builder should be held responsible.

According to ABC News, it was the court that deemed the home “unrepaired and uninhabitable.” Despite this, Mr. Akhtar has been forced to pay the mortgage and all of the other bills associated with the home. The owner of the building company (JDN Florham Park) claims that they’ve offered to come and fix the home “multiple times,” but Mr. Akhtar refused.

“We also tried to settle with Akhtar on numerous occasions, but he would not hear about fixing the house and wanted nothing to do with those things,” said JDN owner Joseph Natale.

There are nine other homes in the development, none of which have had any major structural issues like the one Mr. Akhtar purchased.

In other home news this week, the Inquisitr previously reported there was a home in Massachusetts rigged to explode. Police in Milton are still investigating the case but say that someone wired the home with explosives that were set to detonate when a certain light switch was flipped on. No one was living in the house, as it was going to be sold. An electrician who had been doing some work inside found the wiring and immediately called police. The bomb squad deactivated the explosives, and no one was injured.

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