Chinese Grandfather Woke Nightly For 14 Years To Document His Dreams

For many people, dreams are something that come and go; while some remember what they dreamt, others don’t. For most people, that’s not an issue.

Nevertheless, for one man, 74-year-old Chinese grandfather Peng Xinjian, his dreams meant a lot to him over the past 14 years since the death of his father. So much so that Peng says he woke nightly in order to document each and every dream in detail, lest he forget them.

Peng now intends to put the notes he kept on his dreams into a book, which he wants to publish. He reportedly has at least 13,000 of his dreams to share.

Over the years, when Peng had dreams and awoke, no matter what time of night it was, he managed to fill 30 notebooks with stories featuring frogs, rice, and even friends and celebrities.

Of the nearly two million words Peng has written over the years, a recurring dream is featured, whereby Peng finds himself in a strange wedding ceremony with a woman other than his wife, and the woman in the dream is twice his age.

Peng told reporters in China, “Basically I will see my father several times a month as well as my wife who passed away last year. Every year I will see them in my dreams over 100 times.”

Unlike most people who would become sad from such dreams, Peng says his vivid dreams, and the notes he makes about them, help him to live his life to the fullest.

Peng said, “Dreams are actually a gift from the heavens. Even without a huge extension of life, through my dreams I have lived another life, occupying two worlds at the same time. Compared to those who do not dream I have experienced much more.”

Having sometimes experienced several dreams in one sleep, Peng said he’s almost ready to publish a book.

“My granddaughter would tell me every morning her dream. My family find it interesting that I have this habit. I hope that those who have a same interest will come together to decipher these dreams together,” he said.

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