‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Derek Explains The Phone Situation, But Will Meredith Believe Him?

Fans are very anxious for Thursday night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Derek has returned to Seattle after Meredith tried calling him and a woman answered. After all that these two have been through, would Derek really cheat on Meredith? The answer will be revealed this week, and fans are anxious for Grey’s Anatomy spoilers about what to expect.

Just who was the woman who picked up Derek’s phone when Meredith called? Apparently it was his research fellow. A Grey’s Anatomy spoiler preview via the Hollywood Reporter shows Derek and his fellow talking about a breakthrough discovery.

The research fellow, played by Jeanne Benoit, says she’s so excited she could kiss him. Then she hesitates and things get very awkward. Derek says he has to go, and the fellow reaches out to grab his hand and asks if he has to go. Of course, that’s where the clip ends.

Viewers already saw that Derek has hopped on a plane and made his way back to Seattle, surprising Meredith as he arrives home. However, she’s got serious questions for him. A Grey’s Anatomy spoiler preview via the show’s Facebook page shows Derek explaining the situation to Meredith.

Derek says that he left his phone behind accidentally at the research lab as he headed to hop a plane to head home. His fellow answered it, possibly thinking that it was him calling, and that’s who Meredith had talked to when she called. It would seem that this all took place after that awkward moment in the lab, which would perhaps explain why the fellow wasn’t all that forthcoming with an explanation to her boss’ wife.

Meredith is still suspicious, and she makes it clear that she’s not necessarily buying Derek’s explanation. She says she thinks he flew home because he knew he was in trouble. Derek says that he flew back to Seattle because they, as a couple, are in trouble. Did Derek really cheat?

What else can fans expect from Thursday’s episode? It seems that Derek and Meredith will struggle trying to figure out how to move forward. In addition, TV Guide teases that Owen is presented with a shocker when his mom ends up as a patient at the hospital.

Will Meredith believe Derek’s explanation? Will “MerDer” find their way back to a better place again? Tune into Grey’s Anatomy to see just how it all plays out in “With or Without You” airing on Thursday, March 26.

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