‘Scandal’ Spoilers: Olivia Scrambles As Cyrus Faces New Controversy In ‘Put A Ring On It’

A new episode of Scandal airs Thursday night on ABC and this one is shaping up to be a juicy one. Mellie is preparing to take charge of her own political career and some type of crisis emerges that gets everybody scrambling. What Scandal spoilers are available for the March 26 episode?

TV Guide teases that this episode is titled “Put a Ring on It” and there apparently will be more than one ring involved in this one. For one, the show’s Facebook page teases that details behind that ring Olivia always wore from Fitz will be revealed in this episode. While Olivia has worn it throughout most of the series, it became a key element of the show when she left it as a clue when she was kidnapped and later threw it at Fitz after she returned home.

The show’s Facebook page also teases that this episode will be “crazy-twisty good.” One Scandal spoiler preview shows Mellie putting Elizabeth North in her place and then some. As Mellie says, the two are not partners as they prepare a political run for the first lady. Mellie is the boss and she’s going to make sure that Elizabeth knows it.

Another preview via E! Online shows that something happens that gets everybody riled up in the middle of the night. Olivia receives a call and whatever happens shakes Quinn, Abby and Cyrus out of bed in the wee hours of the morning. The Scandal spoiler preview shows Cyrus shaken and stunned and other details about the episode may well point to what happens.

It is also known that Cyrus will be pushed to move up his wedding to Michael ahead of a big scandal breaking. Did Michael get caught sleeping with somebody else? It seems likely, and Cyrus is not happy. These two had a deal and it sounds as if Michael faltered in keeping up his end of the bargain.

The show’s Facebook page teases that fans are invited to the wedding of the year and Mellie is scoffing at the idea of a gay, Republican wedding being held at the White House. In addition, Cyrus and Michael are seen at Olivia Pope and Associates, surely trying to get ahead of the scandal about to break. Cyrus is not happy with his fake fiance and he says he wants him out of his house.

This week’s episode isn’t all about rings and weddings though. There’s still B613 to conquer and David Rosen is said to put a new plan into place. He’s had to scramble given Huck’s confession, but it seems this may lead him in a new direction.

Will Cyrus get married? What will the background be on that ring of Olivia’s? Tune in to Scandal airing on ABC on Thursday, March 26 to find out all the details.

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