A gorgeous bamboo case for your MacBook Pro

This might seem like sacrilegious to MacBook Pro owners given how the laptop design is suppose to be a statement in of itself but I am sure that there are some MacBook Pro owners who would also like to provide their treasured laptop with some modicum of protect from the cruel world it live in.

For those people I present the gorgeous looking Silva Bamboo case for your treasured MacBook Pro that not only protects the laptop but also looks super cool while doing; and I won’t mention the fact that it is ecologically responsible as well.

The case is made from one solid sheet of bamboo and the handle is a hand-cut full hide strap that has been hand-burnished and oiled. The interior of the case is lined with a soft wood felt while the bamboo; which is 100% solid Carmel bamboo, has been hand-rubbed so that the finish is as hard and smooth as possible.

You can order yours should you want to wrap your MacBook Pro in this type of luxury over at the Silva site for the measly price of $179.99; and there is also an iPad 2 version available for $129.99.

In the meantime though here’s some more images to tease you with.

via Technabob

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