Gamers get their own reality show

I’ll be right up front here – I despise so-called reality television shows because they are the farthest thing from reality that you can think of. That said it seems that some-one thought it would be a great idea to take a bunch of gamers, give them some of the best gaming rigs around and stick them all in the same house. The show which is coming to the Sci-Fi channel starting March 10th at 10PM is a partnership between the network, Samsung and World Cyber Games.

The idea is to find the Best All-Round Gamer from a diverse group of contestants who will fight for the grand prize of $100,000.00, a Samsung Ultimate Entertainment Package, complete with the company’s most advanced product line-up. In addition the winner will become the face of the World Cyber Games and represent WCG at events around the world.

Co-hosted by Hannah Simone and Joel Gourdin, the series showcases twelve contestants who live together in a single loft in downtown Los Angeles. They will compete against each other in challenges that include traditional video game play as well as real-life video game simulations, which place the contestants in situations inspired by best-selling and world famous games. Throughout the competition, the ultimate gamer will need to excel both individually and with his or her teammates, have top-notch gamer skills and be able to handle the pressure of head-to-head elimination rounds played in an arena filled with hundreds of spectators. The ultimate gamer will also have to showcase their ability to navigate and manipulate a houseful of other die-hard gamers, all vying to be crowned number one.

Source: Sci-Fi Channel

Ya .. okay .. and the sad part of this is that it just might work and further perpetuate the stereotypes people have about gamers.

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