Elizabeth Smart Gets Married Early, Right Under Our Noses

Elizabeth Smart is back in the news once more, though this on-again, off-again media interest thankfully only seems to pick up good news these days. For instance: she has just sneakily married boyfriend Matthew Gilmour.

Yesterday, Smart exchanged vows under the radar with her boyfriend of one year in Hawaii among family. Smart, 24, was initially planning on a summer wedding with 22-year-old Gilmour, but pulled the last minute hail-marry (get it?) in light of media speculation and interest. This shouldn’t come as much surprise, since Smart has long been media shy.

“To be in one of her favorite places with her family has made for a dream wedding. It’s been an absolutely beautiful day,” says a spokesman for Smart. “She is positively radiant. And Matthew couldn’t be happier.”

The couple won’t say where they’re honeymooning, so the spokesman’s statement, the time, the folk, and the place are about all we media-heads have right now.

In case you were living under a rock, Smart is most well-known for being kidnapped from her home in 2002 at age 14. She was found nine months later, and her captors were arrested and tried, with Smart testifying to being threatened, tied, and raped on a daily basis by the defendant, Brian David Mitchell. A few years later, Smart has tried her hand at journalism and activism, eventually leading her into an uncomfortable confrontation with the affable Nancy Grace.

They say you can tell a good story because it ends with a wedding. Hopefully for Smart this is less a closing of the last chapter of her life and the beginning of a new one.

Penny for your thoughts, dear reader.

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