‘Fritz The Dog’ Can’t Catch — Must-See Viral Video

Fritz the Golden Retriever sure deserves a medal for perseverance. Despite being unable to catch all the delicious food that his master Evan Bell flings at him, Fritz seems to be a good sport and his spirited attitude has won the hearts of numerous netizens.

His hilarious video uploaded by Bell four days ago presently has 2,824,910 views and counting. The video features a compilation of the highs and lows of the golden retriever’s pursuit to learn how to catch food and starts off with Bell tossing a steak to the dog.

fritz the dog steak

As his master prepares to throw the delicious treat, Fritz is seen hungrily licking his mouth and eager to catch the steak. While most dogs find it easy to catch a treat as big as a steak, Fritz missed to catch it with his mouth and the steak humorously landed flat on his face instead.

fritz the dog donut

That didn’t stop the determined dog, though, as Fritz went for another try with a donut. Since the video is filmed in slow motion, viewers can definitely see how the dog’s eyes were hungrily planted on the sweet treat as it was being hurled to his direction. Again, Fritz missed the donut and this time it landed on his chest.

Bell also tried making him catch smaller treats like a strawberry. However, Fritz missed it again as the fruit fell right on top of his nose. For the rest of the video, his master attempted with various food like a full taco, a burrito and a hotdog sandwich but to no avail. At the end of the video, the golden retriever redeemed himself, though, by successfully catching a piece of French fry. He struggled not to drop it and fortunately triumphed over the tiny treat.

Although the video raked in a lot of positive comments about how funny and adorable the golden retriever was, there were also some users who voiced out their negative concerns. One user in particular pointed out that dogs should not be fed with food for human beings.

The dog’s master addressed this concern saying, “I actually intercept most of the food and give him just a little for his efforts… he eats healthy dog food and gets regular exercise. He’s actually quite a specimen.”

Many have also tried to duplicate the golden retriever’s “journey” but failed to be as popular as Fritz’s viral video.

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