‘Super Troopers 2’ Release Date Set Already, Trailer Video Promises ‘Best Movie Ever’

The Super Troopers 2 release date has been set only a day into raising funds for the film via crowdfunding website Indiegogo. The creators have even provided a Super Troopers 2 trailer video in order to make your mustaches tingle.

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The Super Troopers sequel is a long time coming. The original comedy debuted at the 2001 Sundance festival, was released in 2002, and featured a a group of state troopers in a small Vermont town. While the original struck a chord with a certain audience, Fox Searchlight Pictures was not willing to foot the bill for Super Troopers 2.

“While the studio has given us permission to make the sequel, and agreed to distribute it (at least in the USA and Canada), we need to fund the movie ourselves,” the company wrote on the Indiegogo page. “So this is how it works: if we’re able to raise at least $2,000,000 in the next month, we’ll be able to get to work on a barebones version of Super Troopers 2 this summer. But $2,000,000 is the bare minimum we’ll need to get into production. The more we raise, the more amazing stuff we can put in the movie. More action, more cameos, more shenanigans, and fine, more Farva.”

As of this publishing, the Indiegogo campaign has raised over $2.2 million and they still have 30 days left.

“If we could cry, we’d be crying,” the crew wrote on the campaign page. “Thank you so much. Sincerely.”

As part of the campaign, people who pay the most receive certain perks. The most expensive options are already long gone, but you can still battle them at a beerfest or have Super Troopers as your groomsmen for a wedding (probably best to ask your fiancée before hitting that purchase button.)

Filming for the movie will start this summer in May of 2015, and they have already announced that the Super Troopers 2 release date is set for early 2016. But some people will be able to attend the advance screenings or receive a Bluray/DVD package. In the meantime, enjoy the Super Troopers 2 trailer video.

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