So You’re Saying There’s A Chance? Britney Spears Is Ready To Marry Again

If at first you don’t succeed, marry, marry again. After two rounds of ill-fated nuptials, Britney Spears might be ready to get on the horse once again. The 33 year-old platinum-selling singer recently told People that she’s all in favor of another trip to the altar — in concept, anyway.

“I would love to. I believe in the fairytale,” Spears told People. “I’m not really the person to ask what it take[s] to get married, but personally for me, it’s about loving each other and communicating right and being respectful and honest … It takes two people just loving each other a lot.

Spears opened up to the magazine about her current relationship with producer Charlie Ebersol and talked about motherhood, as well. She has two boys from her relationship with ex-husband Kevin Federline, but she told People that she’d love adding a daughter to the mix someday.

Spears is presently looking forward to another big development in the present course of her career, as her collaboration with Iggy Azalea will kick off Azalea’s forthcoming album. Azalea, who has struggled with the pressures of social media as of late, talked to the Associated Press about her budding friendship with Spears in an interview which was later quoted by Pop Crush.

“I love Britney. She’s super sweet and I just want to hang out with her all the time,” said Azalea. “I don’t know if I needed re-inspiring, but it’s just made me extra excited to want to put out new music.”

Spears told People that her song with Azalea, entitled “Pretty Girls,” will be released on May 5.

Seeing as how Ms. Spears remains incredibly busy with the myriad challenges of recovery, motherhood, her recording career, and a standing gig at Planet Hollywood Casino Resort in Las Vegas, don’t look for a wedding invitation in your mailbox any time soon. But if you’re a single dude and you love bubblegum pop music, Britney Spears just might be trying to tell you that there’s still a chance.

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